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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

11 Dolma Road

 The Village no longer has an in-house attorney, after Wayne Esannason retired June 30th, 2018.

The Village hired the firm McCarthy, Fingar LLP of White Plains, New York and specifically Daniel Pozin is now in charge of the Appeal process regarding 11 Dolma. There is a good article in Scarsdale10583 about this:

11 Dolma - Scarsdale10583

The home-owners typically want the house demolished so they can sell or so they can build the house of their choice. An old house is viewed as a handicap...

The list of players play like a deja-vu of 76 Birchall... Emily Cooperman is again the "expert" presenting that the renovations belittled the house, that the architect Julius Gregory in the case of 11 Dolma is not the work of a master, etc., etc. 

September 20, 2022 is the next CHP meeting. We will see if 76 Birchall will be on the agenda.

The CHP and the Trustees voted to preserve 11 Dolma. The home-owners appealed. The Judge Susan Cacace of the Westchester County Supreme Court ruled in favor of the home-owners to demolish this house. Now the Village is appealing this decision. 

I spoke a couple of weeks ago with Daniel Pozin. He said opposition papers are due September 15, 2022.

We are looking forward to a win by the Village to underscore our efforts to preserve our Village beauties. As they say, they do not make them like this any more. Once gone, they are in a dump somewhere...

On the other hand, look at 5 Heathcote next time you drive on Heathcote Road.

Another oldie, but goldie.

During a casual conversation with Frank Donati of the Building Department, Frank noted 11 Dolma was the first ever too have climbed up the ladder, if you will of preservation this far, in his 21 year tenure. 

Shall we say, finally ?....

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