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Friday, May 31, 2013

2-4 Weaver Street Correspondence with Trustee Jon Mark

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 6:01 AM, Lika L. Levi <lika@save-scarsdale.org> wrote:
Trustee Mark,

Totally unacceptable and deplorable. Is our volunteer government working for us or against us ? Same for the Village Staff. 

They are in a hurry to listen and accommodate any developer whereas the resident does not get on the agenda, is not heard, the pleas not listened to. Scarsdale and the residents are continuously abused inspite of letters, reports, petitions. When will enough be enough ? 

The out of town developer gets the red carpet treatment, the resident is ignored, repeatedly.

I asked for a moratorium more than a month ago, we got on the agenda on May 28th finally, and nothing got done ! Again ! and Again ! and Again !

Is this the way to accommodate a resident of 22 years ? What am I asking for, something bad or good for this Village ? Are you all married to developers ? I do not understand any of this.

I will not give up. June 3rd is my birthday, but I am planning on being there.

At the Planning Board meetings I told Mr. Fish that Scarsdale is finished, that he should go elsewhere. I will repeat this, if necessary in the 6 other languages I know, but at times I fail to understand the English our trustees speak, I must confess. Unless, there are issues I am not fully aware of...

I hope you have realized by now, finally that it is time to rezone and stop development in the Heathcote area and in all Scarsdale. No more development in all of Scarsdale forever !

I will not tire of asking for no development. I will not tolerate abusive behavior. This is like a healthy person writing his or her death sentence. It cannot happen. Scarsdale deserves better. You cannot volunteer to harm Scarsdale.

Our Planner keeps saying Scarsdale is 99.9 %  developed and yet her department and her board keeps pushing for more and more development. Is this planning for our destruction ?

Thank you very much, we do not need this.Her methods are archaic, her board run by self-serving volunteers interested in self-service and not public service. None of this is acceptable any more.

Let all developers pack up and go away, today !


Lika L. Levi

Founder, Save Scarsdale (a non-profit in formation)
21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 4:53 PM, Jon Mark <jmark58@aol.com> wrote:

Ms. Levi-- In response to your email of 4:31 pm today, attached is letter dated May 8, 2013 from Mr. Oder that will be the subject of the Land Use Committee meeting scheduled for June 3, 2013.  The related drawings are available for inspection in Village Hall.

Below is a link to the Planning Board decisions rendered on April 24, 2013 in which it is reported that they made a favorable recommendation on Mr. Oder's proposal.


I do not have current materials at this point regarding Harcourt Woods and believe a presentation will be made at the Municipal Services Committee meeting scheduled for June 5, 2013.

Best regards, Jon Mark

Jon Mark
58 Brookby Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583


From an e-mail to Trustee Mark:
Trustee Mark,

Is there anything I can read on 2-4 Weaver prior to the meeting on Monday that would hopefully make me a more informed listener  and commentator ?

Same for Municipal Services Meeting on Harcourt on Wednesday.

I certainly hope the non-binding document has not been blinding you or the Mayor or the  other Trustees and now finally you are ready to throw it out the window and acquire 2-4 Weaver via eminent domain and give us the park we need and deserve, especially after the disaster at One Palmer and all the recent "developments" that this community has had to endure. Enough is enough. ...

Please use this opportunity to re-zone the Heathcote Five Corners area. 

We no longer want to entertain any more buildings in Scarsdale. In fact, please sign my petition and let us finally bring Scarsdale to 2013 instead of 1701 and stop development altogether.

Thank you so much,


Lika L. Levi

Founder, Save Scarsdale (a non-profit in formation)
21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004

From Heathcote Coalition on 2-4 Weaver Street

Here is an e-mail I received from Millicent Kaufman:

Imagine this!

1 Palmer Ave (former Citgo site) has a building that is about 13,500 sq. ft.

2-4 Weaver Street (behind the Massa' Restaurant) has developers proposing a building that is 43,000 sq ft with Village land -or - 23,000 sq ft without Village land.

This proposed building will be 3 times as large as the monstrosity at 1 Palmer!

The Heathcote Five Corners Coalition has consistently fought against excessive development at the Five Corners.  On Monday, June 3 at 630pm in the Village Hall 3rd Floor meeting room, the Land Use Committee of the Village Board of Trustees will meet to consider another request by the Fish & Oder developers to expand the building.

We oppose it!

You can help by ----
1.   attending the meeting.  We need you to speak up and speak out
2.   sending an email to Jon Mark (Chair of the Land Use Committee) informing him that you vehemently disapprove of any expansion of the project.  His email address:  jmark58@aol.com

We all need to urge the Board of Trustees to make a stand against greedy developers.  Act now!

Millicent Kaufman
914 472 2356



Millicent Lee Kaufman

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Land Use Committee meeting Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Readers,

I got back a while ago from a meeting of the Land Use Committee of our Village Board. This was the agenda:

1.              Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement (PILOT) – 25 Saxon Woods Road.

2.              Proposed Amendments to Official Village Map –         Re-Map Portion of Farragut Road

The trustees started with Farragut Road first. We listened to the applicants'  attorneys and then to some neighbors. The trustees went into executive session  and came back about half an hour later. Trustee Mark said the following:

 This is all your creation, so we are turning down both of your requests. The applicants' attorneys were saying the BOA told them to go to the trustees, etc. etc.

I think they wanted to remap and build on the lot that had given up its development rights long ago,  or something to that effect. In all of these meetings, the issue gets confused, compounded, some know what is going on, some do not. It all seems hurried, intimidation seems the norm and I do resent that all documents are not available for all to see, to look at... The volunteer board is so burdened, they can hardly deal with all. They rely on the staff to present the issue accurately. Unfortunately, the staff's business acumen most of the time leaves a lot to be desired.

I wish they would call me, when they need such advice. I could negotiate better, I would think.

I know it is one thing to drive the car and another to be a passenger's side driver. But I would never accept to be a trustee- they did hint at it. It is an impossible job !

But I was just there to observe and familiarize myself with the processes involved, so it was interesting. It seemed a confusing issue, I would have liked to hear from the trustees as to what was really the issue in clear cut black and white terms...That did not happen. They are almost all there after a full day's work, they are visibly tired and want to move on to the next item on the agenda...

While the trustees were in executive session, we were left to chat with one another. Linda Leavitt, the editor of the Scarsdale Inquirer was sitting next to me, so it was good to finally meet her and see what a lovely lady she is. Contrary to popular belief, she does not won the paper, but is just an editor. The paper is owned by Diana White ( I think I have the name right ) of Bedford. They own papers in Bedford and Riverdale...Her dad owned the papers before her. 

There were other congenial conversations as well. Everyone was relieved to hear the good decision and left promptly.

I talked to everyone about my plan to freeze Scarsdale, as in freeze development in Scarsdale. One man wanted to know if he could put a basketball hoop under the freeze, another inquired about air-conditioning units... They could not decide one way or another, but I think were intrigued by the idea. I advised them to check out my blog, which I hope they will and if so inclined, sign my petition... We shall see. I told them  in my plan, only the outside would be regulated. Much like Hampstead Garden Suburb in London: Click here for Wikipedia description: Hampstead_Garden_Suburb

 They all seemed to have too much on their minds and did not really want to be burdened any more...Young, hurried lives with young ones at home. I totally understand.

The second item was the assisted living facility applying for a PILOT, or payment in lieu of taxes... paying $ 4 Mil. over 10 years instead of taxes at 25 Saxon Woods Road. Why 4 and not 6 or 10 Million dollars ? 

Again hurry, hurry we have another meeting to go to....When we have so many potholes, such need for revenue and only 4 Mil... They will be charging about  $ 3,000 per month for 115 patients. Their revenue will be more than $ 3 Mil. per year and they will pay us in taxes only about $ 400,000 per year for 10 years. At the end of the 10 year period I hope they will negotiate better.

Thank you Trustee Stern for your questions. We are blessed to have Trustee Stern on our board, a resident who has that trademark 2 year-old twinkle in his eye of a physicist. His questions and comments reveal a smart, working mind.

When it comes to the resident we get taxed up until a pitiful sewage fee and the assisted facility gets a break, saying they will provide jobs in the area. Who are they fooling ? Who from Scarsdale, paying Scarsdale taxes is going to work at an assisted care facility ? I do not understand this. Do you ? On the other hand they are getting funded by the IDA ( Industrial Development Agency) and the HUD ....

Good deal for them, not so great for us ! Who came up with the $ 4 Mil. and why I would like to know. Again signed and closed, the trustees went into executive session to talk about personnel issues. 

We have to be much more diligent about all these issues. We have to show the developer, the business coming into Scarsdale that we are here to negotiate a good business transaction. The Scarsdale they want as an address did not come cheap and will not be inexpensive. Our Village is attracting all these businesses because of who lives here and who keeps this place the way it is. Our volunteers on the Village Board sacrifice a lot to keep it the way it is, they deserve roads that can be navigated without an SUV at least, our 

Going forward we have to do much better in terms of preservation and conservation. Our roads need to be fixed, our wetlands protected, my bunny family cannot loose their home ! 

My thoughts, how about yours ?

In the mail recently: links of note:  Historic New EnglandSave the WhalesXL PipelineAbout Bellayre ski area in NY State

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scarsdale Village Board Land Use and Law Committees Meeting, May 28th, 2013

Dear Readers,

I just attended the Land Use and Law Committee's open meeting tonight as well as part of the Village Board regular meeting this evening where I was allowed to make a short speech on what I felt needed to be addressed.

It was evident to me our elected trustees and Mayor are all trying to do their very best for our Village. Yes, the process has to be democratic, yes the process has to be open, all sides have to be heard etc., etc. But unfortunately this conversation had to take place 10, 20 years ago. We are that late in the process. Our code has not been working for us for that long...

Yes,  I am also guilty as charged. We have let this go on for too long and now it has acquired a life of its own as it were... Development, wetlands development, way too big homes for their lots, demolishment of homes is happening at a pace far too fast in comparison to the pace our trustees want to set for their  review of the whole process. I am sorry 24 Herkimer and 15 Herkimer will be gone forever. I hope 21 Herkimer will not go that way. I am sorry 14 Wildwood also went and many, many others that did not have to go. Even a 103 year old home, 45 Cushman that the CHP did not want to demolish got the demolish permit just last week from the BAR.

It is too bad that building in wetlands is being considered on Cushman. I am sorry a congested area on Spruce Lane will get more congested by a sub division on Rock Creek Lane despite all the neighbors' pleas for two consecutive sessions of the Planning Board. I am sorry our board was not present in any of these meetings... If only they saw, if they really knew...

This building craze is a short term solution to get more tax revenue, that will be detrimental long term. It will cost us much, much more than the initial surge in tax dollars...The Scarsdale we moved here for, will be history and I do not think we'll have a better Scarsdale. I do not consider the basins built an improvement, but a a disgrace: the result of poor planning that approved all that wetlands building in the first place, a mistake to cover another mistake that did not have to be there at all in the first place.

The patient ( Scarsdale ) is sick and bleeding and might die soon, and yet we are asking " Well, what is his blood pressure ?..." To make an analogy for example. First you stop the bleeding and then you attend to the other problems... First the trustees have to stop this hemorrhage of insult and assault on our environmental and architectural heritage, short of a moratorium I do not see how we are going to get back the likes of 24 Herkimer or 15 Herkimer or 50 Harvest or 45 Cushman ( 103 years old )...

First you attend to the patients' life threatening needs then, you address the ancillary issues. I hope our trustees can treat this very sick patient, very soon.

Scarsdale is going down the drain literally and in this case figuratively as well, curtesy of D & B or Dvirka & Bertolucci...For you to stop it or stare at it go away...

Larchmont Historic Homes Tour, Sunday June 2nd 2013

Dear Friends, Readers, Residents,

I hope you can attend this tour, this Sunday, click here to buy your ticket:Larchmont Tour

and here:

2013 Kitchen House Tour – Sunday June 2nd

May 2, 2013
This Spring, the Larchmont Historical Society is pleased to present a very special “Heart of the Home” Kitchen House Tour:  “What’s Cooking in Larchmont?” 
This year, Larchmont’s fabulous 2013 House Tour joins forces with Larchmont’s fabulous chefs!
Please join us for what will be a visual and culinary feast as Chefs from Anna Maria’s, Coriander, Crush, Espana, Meateria, Plates, Vintage 1891 and Wasabi Restaurants prepare and serve delicious selections in eight historical Larchmont kitchens!
Plus, new this year – as guests tour houses from the water to Winged Foot, there will be fun Silent Auction items in every home!
  • Tour: Sunday June 2nd, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Reception: The Flower Barn, 11 Addison Street, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Participating Restaurants: Anna Maria, Coriander, Crush, Espana, Larchmont Meateria, Plates, Vintage 1891 and Wasabi!
  • Silent Auction: See the collection displayed at the kitchens.
  • Mail a check: Click here for the Pay-By-Mail Form
  • Pay online: Online Payment by Credit Card
  • Buy a Ticket in Person: Tickets may be purchased at the Real Estate offices of Coldwell Banker, Houlihan Lawrence, Julia B.Fee, Sotheby’s and Weichert.
So Savor the Date – Sunday June 2nd!

Monday, May 27, 2013

School taxes, school budget emails to the School Board and other boards...

Dear Readers,

We have seen this past week that Scarsdale residents are smart, educated and know very well when and where to draw the line. You said " Enough " loud and clear to frivolous and unnecessary spending. They went over the line, you are drawing them back. After 43 years of uncontested budgets, you showed you are very capable of distinguishing between right and wrong.

Soon, we will have a more reasonable budget. We all have to work with what is within our budget. Spending cannot be limitless.

I hope you see the parallels here and what is going on in our Village elsewhere. This same, unaccountability is everywhere. The Planning Board, the CHP,  the BAR, the BOA they are all in this same mind set. Use and abuse our natural resources. Dvirka and Bertolucci have made enough money from us to last them forever. The boards keep approving building on wetlands, they keep designing basins. What could be better ?  For them, not us. They have ruined Scarsdale, soon to be Basin-dale...

How come I never heard of any hearings on these basins ? How come they just went ahead and built them ? How much is each basin costing the resident ? How ugly can those be ?....

Finally now, we just had a hearing on Sheldrake. Unfortunately I was out of town and could not attend.

As I write this, I am hearing the band pass on Popham for the Memorial Day march. This country, this town deserves better. We have to stop this reckless abuse of our town before it is too late !

I thought you might be interested in reading this email correspondence between myself and School Board president Ms. Guggenheimer that started in January. She answered my first e-mail, but not the second... I wonder why.

Happy Memorial Day !


From: "Lika L. Levi" <likallevi@aol.com>
Subject: School Budget 2013-2014
Date: April 24, 2013 3:19:01 PM EDT
To: Board of Education <boardofed@scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="Apple-Mail=_3F177DA3-2EDF-4E83-8D35-453AB55662C8"
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In-Reply-To: <50F9587D020000380006C1F8@MAIL1.scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us>
Message-Id: <7A70D88E-FD32-4CC6-B2AD-BFD3C4C8F43A@aol.com>
X-Smtp-Server: smtp.aol.com:likallevi
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Ms. Guggenheimer,

You may recall the e-mail exchange below that took place almost more than three months ago now. Yet, it pains me to see no action being taken. On the contrary...

I read a Wellness Center is being promoted for next year, as though everything else is perfect and all we need is a massage or other service that will be provided at the Center. I do not need to tell you, you have school counselors and many psychologists on your payroll, who would diagnose this behavior as  "delusional" and therefor not normal. When there is so much debt on the budget, when you are raising taxes beyond the cap, when infrastructure is crumbling you are approving $325,000 on a Wellness Center as though all is perfect and that is all we lack... It is a shame that this ever made it to the agenda and emblematic of all our woes...

Fear not, the Village Board is suffering from the same disorder.  They approved last night a budget that projects debt, they do not even know the exact amount for next year, while contemplating selling village land at 2-4 Weaver St., for next to nothing to clutter us even more at Heathcote Five Corners... Thank God that is still a non-binding document that hopefully ( if they see the light... ) will be repealed. This while raising taxes, again beyond the cap, while we ride on bumpy roads like no other and while there is no provision to set aside empty space for parks... Sometimes, I do ask myself if I am in Scarsdale or in a third world country, again ?...

As the School Board, however, more than the VB your spending is sending an explicit and implicit message by approving this frivolous budget to the community and to our students. This irresponsive spending is akin to teen-age binge drinking we are all so against. However, such irresponsible spending is just like going on one, even  contemplating this kind of spending in light of the economy, the federal budget, the state of our schools is not acceptable and deplorable.

The Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the so called Committee for Historic Preservation, they are all, also on this same page: Delusional spending disorder. (DSD)

They are approving like there is no end to this use and abuse mentality. Here our architectural and environmental resources are being auctioned at every so called planning meeting. They meet to destroy our environment. It is a shame volunteer hours are not being spent to our benefit but to our detriment. Maybe they will take a good objective look at what they are truly doing and ask themselves the right question: "Why ? "...

I know we have been blessed in the US with a country with seemingly endless resources. I did not grow up here. I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey where we saved and used and reused everything long before it was fashionable to do so...We did it, because we had to. There was no choice, we learned to exist with the little we had and we cherished the innovative ways we discovered along the way... We were happy with our little discoveries. 

Here the story was different: When I arrived from Turkey in 1977 I was appalled by the wasteful behavior in the States. It has changed somewhat now, in light of the Climate Change, Recycling movement, etc. 

Now, it is time our boards from land use to school to village board, also exercised some restraint and sent the right message to the younger generation as well as the population in general. It is time to exercise restraint and control and engage in responsible behavior. Reckless spending and binge drinking is over. It is time to sober up both financially and ecologically. There is nothing wrong with saying "No"...Sometimes that is all we need to hear. Now, that is the only right message.

Please distribute this among your School Board. 

With best wishes,

Lika L. Levi

On Jan 18, 2013, at 2:13 PM, Board of Education <boardofed@scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us> wrote:

Dear Mrs. Levi:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write and providing input as we begin the DIstrict's budget planning process for the 2013-2014 year. The Board of Educations seeks to be responsive to community values but respectful of economic circumstances.
Community comments are an important part of the process.
Elizabeth Guggenheimer
President, Board of Education
Scarsdale UFSD

Lika L. Levi" <likallevi@aol.com> 1/17/2013 4:15 PM >>>
Dear Board of Education Members,

As you deliberate the current budget, I hope you will consider this:
We pay very high school taxes, but are very proud of the education our students receive. I will stay away from the latest episode involving a high-school Dean. Unfortunately such unpleasant situations seem to occur periodically involving students and/ or faculty – which again given all the care bestowed upon our students and faculty, should not occur.
The latest school budget of 141 Mil. For 4,700 students in the district, that is about $ 26,000 per student that residents are paying regardless of students they may or may not have in the system.
I do not think given such high numbers this makes sense any more. For the empty nester, or for the family with an only child, or for the family who chooses to send their kid(s) to an altogether different school(s) this is no longer justified. I agree we should all participate in the cost of local education, but not when the numbers are this high and the result is still, unfortunately, the occasional embarrassing scandal.
This is only encouraging the family with the 4 or 6 kids to move to Scarsdale for a relatively free education. We are getting a disproportionate number of kids to adults in our population. 
More than a third ( http://scarsdale.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm ) of our population or about 34% of our population is under 19, according to the data supplied on the web page, whereas the national average is 23.7 ( Quickfacts census.gov ) and the New York State average is 22.3%. ( Again Quickfacts.census.gov
I think much like water consumption, there should be a base tax levied for local education and beyond that tax should be dependent on the number of students enrolled in the school system. For example, we currently pay about $ 15,000 in school taxes when we no longer have a student in the system. This should be reduced by 2/3 rds at least...
In the last six months I had two of our neighbors move whereas for the past twenty years prior to that, practically no one had moved from Lockwood Road unless they were going  “ feet first “ as my old neighbor used to say. The current economic situation, especially for the empty nester, is making Scarsdale prohibitive to our disadvantage.
With such a high number of kids, government participation by residents is also being hindered. Most adults here are parents engaged in raising kids, and therefore cannot participate in our politics since it is very heavily dependent on resident participation. What keeps happening is that only the few empty-nester(s) who has the time and/or the energy to participate in government affairs is participating and the rest's silent participation is being interpreted as acceptance which is hardly the case.
I hope you will consider this as an option to alleviate the tax burden on the average resident. I am assuming the tax evaluation currently underway, will make our taxes more manageable.
I think by making taxes more dependent on usage, you will discourage the 4 kid family from moving in and encourage empty nesters to continue living in Scarsdale. We hope this will also give families some time to consider participating in local government instead of just attending PTA meetings. I hope the former will be to the advantage of all concerned.

Respectfully submitted,



     Lika L. Levi
 21 Lockwood Road
 Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

 Phone: (914) 722-0004
 Fax: (914) 722-0005

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Consider our limited, endangered resources.
Try not to print. If you must, recycle after use.

               Be good. Do better.

      We are finite, but there is plenty that is not... 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Litchfield Historic District Commission

They declared parts of Litchfield historic back in 1959 and named it Litchfield Historic District.

This is from their website: http://www.litchfieldct.com/twn/lhdcomm.html


Litchfield's Historic District was the first in Connecticut by special act of the General Assembly in 1959. The entire District, which includes more than 475 buildings, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A portion of the Borough is designated as a National Historic Landmark District. All structures within the Borough of Litchfield are included in the Historic District. The boundaries are shown on the map on this site. A more detailed map is available at the Town Hall. The Historic District designation mandates a review process designed to prevent changes which are incongruous with the District's historic and architectural character.
The eight members of the Litchfield Historic District Commission are volunteers appointed by the Borough Warden and Burgesses, and all live within the Borough of Litchfield. The Commission is responsible for protecting and preserving the character and integrity of the District. Even slight changes over time can dramatically alter the appearance of a building and the streetscape.
The Commission's jurisdiction is limited to the exterior features visible from a public way (even if hidden by trees or other plantings), including outbuildings and other structures and devices which alter the appearance of the neighborhood. Examples include, but are not limited to, fences, walls, light fixtures, windows, doors, siding, shutters, roofing, signs, utility structures, satellite dishes, driveways and parking areas. State law prohibits the erection, alteration, or demolition of any such feature within the District until the Commission has issued a Certificate of Appropriateness. The Building Inspector will not issue a permit for a project in the District unless a Certificate has been issued. State law empowers Historic District Commissions to enforce regulations through fines or court proceedings. Regulations can be found in the Connecticut General Statutes Section 7-147a et seq. & The Code of the Borough of Litchfield, Chapter 12, located at the Oliver Wolcott Library and the Litchfield Historical Society. These regulations are separate and apart from the Building Inspector and Planning and Zoning requirements.
Small changes are subject to the same process as larger ones, and the regulations do not make exception for alterations considered by an applicant to be temporary in nature. Repairs, maintenance and replacements may not require a Certificate of Appropriateness if the end resultduplicates the original in all aspects, including design and material. In such instances, a Waiver Certificate, available from the Commission during any meeting, is required.
The definition of "appropriateness" must be made based on the style of the existing sturcture and its neighbors. The process is site specific. Virtually every structure in the Historic district is described and pictured in The Historic & Architectural Survey of the Borough of Litchfield. This and other resource materials are available at the Oliver Wolcott Library and the Litchfield Historical Society for those wishing to bcome more familiar with the architectural features and style of their building.
Before the first swing of the hammer, property owners are required to submit an application which may be mailed or brought to a meeting. Plans, sketches, photographs, plot plan, material details, size and placement specifications are helpful in the application process and may be required. Applications are available from the Litchfield Town Clerk or Building Inspector.
The Commission meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 28 Russell Street (behind Flowers of Distinction). A yearly schedule may be obtained from the Town Clerk. Notices of meetings, including cancellations, are posted at the Town Clerk's office at least 24 hours before each meeting.
Applicants may appear at any meeting for a Pre-Hearing to discuss: The need for an application; an initial presentation of work proposed; additional information required to complete the application; the scheduling of a public hearing; or, any other pertinent items.
Public Hearing must be held on every application before the Commission votes on the application. Such a hearing must be duly noticed by a legal publication in a local newspaper.
Commissioners are more then happy to assist applicants during the planning stages. Phone 567-3970 with any questions regarding the application process or feel free to contact any member of the Commission. A current list of members is located at the Town Hall. Correspondence may be sent to the Borough of Litchfield, Historic District Commission, P.O. Box 1080, Litchfield, CT 06759

July 1999

Borough of Litchfield

P.O. Box 1080
Litchfield, Connecticut 06759
(860) 567-3970

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Not a Copy, A Poem

I wrote this yesterday:

     Look in the eye of an animal,

     Look in the eye of a wild animal,

     Touch the sky

     Feel eternity, be invincible.

     Live in heaven

     Love forever,

     Live forever.

     Good is God,

     God is Good.

     Justice reigns

     Beauty speaks,

     Love thunders.

     Touch the untouchable,

     Hear the silence.

     Look beyond the horizon,

     See the obscured.

     Go where no one was,

    Blaze your trail,

    Be yourself,

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Resident's Anonymous Letter, published on the May 17th entry

Dear Readers,

I was finally able to upload the anonymous letter sent to me, please see the May 17th entry again, as updated today May 26th, 2013.

Thank you.

Blogger technology is not perfect, but you will see this person's agony and hear his/her pain. If you would like this emailed to you, please let me know at Lika@save-scarsdale.org.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

From Scarsdale10583 and Great Gull Island

Dear Readers:

You may be interested in this article in the Scarsdale10583 site:

Wetlands on Cushman

My response and comments so far

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written by Lika L. Levi, May 25, 2013

Yeah, finish development forever and ever in Scarsdale and in the whole world. We have done enough damage already.

Enough development in Scarsdale. Let them all go to Greenwich, CT. That is where they live, right ? Or, Scottsdale Arizona or Texas...

Would a healthy person write his/ her own death sentence ? This is just the same thing. If you need explanation please call me at 722-0004. We'll be up to our necks in water, and the Planning Board, our resident volunteers, will still be reviewing applications for " development " in wetlands and telling me to take it up with the Trustees. God help us !

Volunteer at a nature preserve, take a hike in a park, and then go to Manhattan. Let me know what makes you feel better. Look at the eyes of that bunny in your yard and tell him, his home will be axed and tell him you are not lifting a finger. Let asphalt and concrete cure you.

Study nature, Physics a little... Marvel at all of this, the divine, the sublime. If you need help, let me know.

Socrates said this:

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.

Be well, happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

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written by Imzchef, May 24, 2013
And Lika said "We cannot let developers develop anymore." So much for property rights.
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written by Enough Already, May 23, 2013
Wow, imagine that, Lika Levi was at a village meeting...
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My husband and I, had plans to be here this weekend: Great Gull Island off of the CT coast

Great Gull Island, AMNH trip, Summer 2006

Sandy damaged their dock and we were going to land on the beach via a dinky. Unfortunately because of rough seas yesterday, we could not land and had to turn around.

The island is managed by legendary ornithologist Helen Hays of the American Museum of Natural History and is a tern sanctuary she has been taking care of since 1969.  She welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds every year as well as terns by the tens of thousands every season. You have to see it to believe it !

I first visited the island in 2006 on a members' trip of the AMNH and fell in love forever !