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Thursday, May 9, 2013

BOA Meeting, May 8th 2013 America- the Beautiful...

Dear Readers,

I was at the BOA meeting last night. Business as usual, approve all, why not ?...

Here today, gone tomorrow. Free for all at town hall, if you have always wanted the Eiffel Tower in your backyard, this is the time to do it. They will probably approve it, your taxes will rise but what the heck, what is money anyway...

Gorge till you drop dead, use and abuse our natural resources as well as our architectural heritage, conquer and plunder or apply and get it... Scarsdale, United States of America 2013, not  Istanbul, Turkey 1977. Yet, it feels much much worse. There was no pretense of righteousness there, not at all. What you saw was what you got. Here, a different story...

Respect, restrain, control are not in the vernacular... Motto of the day in Scarsdale, a.k.a.  Dumpsdale soon: sell, cash in and leave.

If you need a good lawyer to get you through this, I have just the right one too. You know where to find me.

How to ruin 100 years of urban planning, how to destroy billions years of evolution, natural selection- come to Scarsdale Village Hall:http://www.scarsdale.com/Calendar.aspx Check for show times. A tragedy in as many acts as there are applications, most nights at Rutherford Hall. Actors and actresses, professionals and amateurs, villains, traitors, hypocrites, heroes, martyrs, all.

From an earlier post, slightly modified:

I cannot sit here and watch 100 years of planning and preservation efforts go to nothing in Scarsdale nor watch 500 years of humanity destroy billions ( Earth is thought to be about 5 billion years old ) of years of natural evolution and ecological balance. Sorry, I cannot do that. My fiduciary responsibilities to my discipline preclude that option. My discipline, that has taught me so much about harmony, balance, wonder, beauty: Physics.

With best wishes for all time, for all,


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