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Saturday, May 4, 2013

More comments from residents:

These from my petition site:

Ms. Jill Fisher, NY
Apr 25, 13:03         # 15
I live down the street from Spruce Lane. When I moved here in 1995, it was a beautiful wooded area. Now it's a fancy Levittown.

Mrs. Marjorie Meiman Robinowitz, NY
Apr 26, 08:01
# 27
I care deeply and am very concerned about the demolition of older homes and removal of old, healthy trees that cannot easily be replaced. The neighborhood character of Scarsdale is on its way to becoming a thing of the past if McMansions continue to spring up amidst the beauty of older, not necessarily historic homes. Our historic preservation law must change as well to help save the homes that are not necessarily 100 years old but add to the charm and beauty of Scarsdale.

A few of the e-mailed comments I received:

May 2, 2013:

Hi Lika,
I wanted to thank you for speaking up and Town Hall and writing the opinion piece in the Inquirer. I totally agree with you! Please include me if you need more names and if you're keeping a list of fellow supporters. Thanks so much! Grace Goldstein, 9 Harcourt Rd., Scarsdale, NY, h# 722-4028

On Apr 26, 2013, at 8:35 PM, MER wrote:
As a resident of Scarsdale with my family for almost 50 years I am distressed and disappointed by what our wonderful village has become.
As happens with many towns everywhere we have fallen prey to the developers. What is a very sad state of affairs is that these developers are home grown who seem to have no social conscience. As with two sites in my immediate back and front yard, houses have been leveled, even before building permits have been secured, as if they. Are confident that there plans are a "done deal".
I have witnessed first hand the smirked faces of the little club who think that no one will stand in their way of destroying the character of a neighborhood, so thaT more tax dollars will flow into city hall( in the words of our new mayor), at what cost to our already over worked infrastructure?
Time to look at the big picture, and put forth a moratorium on sub dividing and over building.
Mary Ellen and Peter Roger, 9 ogden Road
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From A.S.

Couldn't agree more.


   From anonymous: I wish to remain anonymous, this brings back bad memories 13 years old.

From Norma Roberts:

   I think we moved here on Washington's birthday in 1952. I do not have a computer and I do not go on the Internet. Please put my name down as you know,  I have been a long time supporter for conservation in this town.

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