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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BAR Meeting, May 6, 2013: Kent Road, Cushman Road

Dear Readers,

I was at the BAR meeting last night.

8 Kent Road was on the agenda for landscaping plan. There were many unhappy neighbors who feel utterly frustrated at what has been happening on their streets. Too big homes on small lots... This is the latest insult:
8 Kent Road ( Healthy Home Builders )

10 Kent Road

8 Kent Road

8 Kent Road

Their application was not heard because they had not complied with the right notification laws. Thank Goodness, a couple weeks more of peace !

Same fate for 45Cushman, again they did not fully comply with neighbor notification laws, thus the plans were not heard.

Here is 45 Cushman, this is the guest house:

They were referred to the BAR ( Board of Architectural Review ) by the Committee for Historic Preservation to determine if the house had architectural value. In other words, they need demolishing approval. Why demolish such a new, big house I have no idea...Nobody comes before the CHP if they want to preserve it... If they want to do it, they do it anyway. Only developers or owners who want to get rid of the house applies to the CHP. 

45 Cushman guest house

45 Cushman , I wonder what was in place before this... Build to demolish...

This is the house across the street:

on Cushman Road

The Committee chaired by Farley Baker had 17 items on their agenda. One application was dropped before the meeting. I left at about 10:30 p.m. unable to take in any more of this assault after item 14, 41 Paddigton Road was heard which I will document later.

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  1. I hate the tearing down of old homes - I detest McMansions !!!!!!
    So many things are just over the top and ugly...like new homes !