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Friday, May 31, 2013

From Heathcote Coalition on 2-4 Weaver Street

Here is an e-mail I received from Millicent Kaufman:

Imagine this!

1 Palmer Ave (former Citgo site) has a building that is about 13,500 sq. ft.

2-4 Weaver Street (behind the Massa' Restaurant) has developers proposing a building that is 43,000 sq ft with Village land -or - 23,000 sq ft without Village land.

This proposed building will be 3 times as large as the monstrosity at 1 Palmer!

The Heathcote Five Corners Coalition has consistently fought against excessive development at the Five Corners.  On Monday, June 3 at 630pm in the Village Hall 3rd Floor meeting room, the Land Use Committee of the Village Board of Trustees will meet to consider another request by the Fish & Oder developers to expand the building.

We oppose it!

You can help by ----
1.   attending the meeting.  We need you to speak up and speak out
2.   sending an email to Jon Mark (Chair of the Land Use Committee) informing him that you vehemently disapprove of any expansion of the project.  His email address:  jmark58@aol.com

We all need to urge the Board of Trustees to make a stand against greedy developers.  Act now!

Millicent Kaufman
914 472 2356



Millicent Lee Kaufman


  1. As the owner of Five Corners Properties, and the building located at 300 Heathcote Road (the original train station) I really wish you would not refer to the building across the street at the gas station (Palmer) as objected by the Five Corners Collation.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Lerner

    1. Mr. Lerner,

      Please accept my apologies.

      I thank you for this opportunity however, to express my thanks and my gratitude for your building. Five Corners Properties is a beautiful building, restored to a magnificent standard and each time I pass by, I only admire it and thank the owner ( now you, I know ) for your good taste.

      Your building on one side, One Palmer on the other, two sides of the conservation conversation we are trying to have. If only more people were like you...

      Thank you and all the best in all your efforts !