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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joanne Wallenstein, from Scarsdale10583 published my latest comment that I had sent her, here it is:

Thank you Joanne ! Great to be living in the world of instant communication !

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written by Lika L. L., April 30, 2013
Dear Readers,

You knew it, I had to start a blog. Here it is: http://www.save-scarsdale.org and this is what I have been up to as well as trying to spread the word about my preservation efforts for the last few days I have not written here.

I have been talking to individuals supporting me, listening to their ideas and I have been trying to spread the word. Most people are too busy to devote much time and/or energy to this. I totally understand. I wanted to start this 22 years ago, and here I am finally….

But now, as much as I can,I would like to devote my time and energy to this. I will be updating my blog periodically communicating with you there. I also of course have a new e-mail address: '>Lika@Save-Scarsdale.org.

Please understand this is by no means a professional's work but an amateur's labor of love for the village she loves, for the land that has given her, her freedom, her life, for all the people who have been so generous to her throughout in this country.

The blog is a work in progress as I am trying different formats and learning about this new communication medium. This effort will take time and effort as we spread the word, get more people involved. Do not expect an immediate result. Rather, a slow and even painful birth and some growth pains along the way… There will be mistakes and faux pas and perhaps politically incorrect moments, but I wish to let you all know I only mean well as I am sure you do as well.

Be well, all.

Lika L. Levi 
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