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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From Scarsdale10583 site

Dear friends, readers,

I am glad I checked the Scarsdale10583 site this morning. A reader " Enough Already " wrote this and was published on May 7, on the 10583 site. 

I was going to  post my long answer to her on the Scarsdale10583 site, but could not since the system said my comment was too long,  so, here it is in its entirety:


As someone who also regularly attends Planning meetings, as well as BAR meetings I can understand your concerns. HOWEVER, both chairs of these boards have told you that your “beef” is with the Trustees and the Laws that they have created.

Your “participation” at these board hearings with your mis-guided ramblings often have nothing to do with individual properties or issues in which the boards are hearing. I have lost several hours of my own life to you filibustering at these meetings, and people may just be too polite to cut you off, even Don Quixote eventually met his end.

I admire your passion, but there is a time and place for EVERYTHING, and you keep wasting everyone's time by being at the wrong place. There is a fine line between being passionate activist and town fool, please tread lightly as you straddle that line.

Dear " Enough Already ",

I am glad I checked the 10583 site and saw your post. I heard the sighs at the BAR meeting on Monday night as well. Thank you for initiating the conversation.

How kind of you to write...I welcome your thoughts. You stepped on the right issue and maybe this time we'll get it fixed.

The problem is that the trustees are not present at these meetings, they do not see the frustration of the neighbors, the helplessness they are feeling, the utter loss they are in. I wish our Planner Ms. Liz Marrinnan or Village Manager Mr. Gatta could be present at these meetings to observe first hand the tragedy as well…Our Mayor would be most welcome too.

Recently, as you may know I have now attended two consecutive meetings of the Planning Board and my first ever meeting of the BAR Monday night. I am still at a loss as to how this is happening in Scarsdale, in 2013 in America…Maybe you can help….I had attended Planning Board meetings a long time ago,  as well but was not aware of the current situation.

I also attended a CHP ( Committee for Historic Preservation ) meeting in the summer of 2011 when Lucas Meyer was Chair. I pretty much made the speech there in 2011 that you are now sick of hearing. The answer was: “You are preaching to the choir, we feel the same way you do”… Have these people not heard of  “Civil Disobedience” ?  Thoreau ?

Why do something you do not approve of…. I would not serve on the board, I would simply decline to process any application. If there is no committee, no quorum, no meeting, then there will not be any demolition. Right or wrong ? Simple or not ?

I was asked if I wanted to be on the Planning Board, or if I wanted to be a trustee… I declined both propositions…At the Planning Board I would not entertain one more application, and as trustee I think they are far too limited. I do not agree with our current political system. It is too obscure, convoluted. There is too much burden on the average resident to police the system all the time, nobody has that kind of time any more, maybe 70, 80 years ago, but not any more...

It is taking me 22 years to finally try to address this problem, to figure out what is going on…. This is not right, this is too much. Our political system has stopped serving us long ago. Look at our Land Use boards and see that they are doing: One Palmer, 2-4 Weaver Street, Heathcote Manor… But the problem now has become immense…Even Miriam our former Mayor, a staunch preservationist could not do much in her 6 years in office. Tyr to get the Trustees to move. Might as well try to get mountains to move…

Going back to Civil Disobedience, same with the BAR. If they feel the same way, then why are they serving on the board ? Don’t show up, cancel meetings of the BAR until proper regulation is passed. Enough already, you have had enough. Believe me, so have I. I would much rather be home than at Rutherford Hall.

 The women who came up at the BAR to speak about Herkimer felt prisoners of our legal system. By the time they had understood what was happening on their street, it is already too late for them or anyone else, to do anything. They looked like hostages of our system: bewildered, helpless, tired…. Is this America or Saddam’s Iraq ? As someone who has lived in the Middle East, it echoed my experiences there…

 15 Herkimer was in front of the BAR for a new home and now 24 Herkimer will be in front of the CHP for demolition of course on May 21st…Since they do not preserve, unless George Washington slept there, basically…But if there are no members at the meeting, the meeting gets cancelled, the next meeting gets cancelled, etc. They meet only when proper legislation is passed. Solution, or not ? Simple or not ? Effective or not ?...

Ditto for the neighbors on Dell and Spruce Road with the application there in front of the Planning Board. Please drive to Spruce Lane or 185 Rock Creek Lane and tell me this is why you moved to Scarsdale. I cannot understand how our boards approved those or any other monster I have a picture of on my blog:


I hope this makes some sense. I grew up in Istanbul where about 6,000 years of history, (some say history there goes back to the Copper Age- they do not know still, since they keep discovering older and older items as they excavate in various parts of the city accidentally…) or whatever, has pretty much been obliterated.

I cannot sit here and watch 100 years of planning and preservation efforts go to nothing in Scarsdale and 500 years of humanity destroy billions ( Earth is thought to be about 4 billion years old ) of years of natural evolution and ecological balance get destroyed as well. Sorry, I cannot do that.

We have to preserve our environmental and architectural heritage. We have a lot of  natural diversity here you are not even aware of. The adage  “You do not know what you have until is it gone “ is so true here. It is going though, slowly, slipping through our hands, slipping through our boards in those meetings at night at Rutheford Hall.

Please sign my petition here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/366/111/992/preserve-and-conserve-scarsdale-our-village-in-a-park/

and let us preserve Scarsdale forever for all. It is a town we should all be proud of forever and ever. The world cannot afford to lose this.

This morning it is raining in Scarsdale. Nature is weeping, asking for help. Reminding us that the last few sunny days have given way now to a rainy, sad morning. Day goes into evening, beauty goes into devastation. Nature undergoes destruction.,sometimes irreversible and permanent.

There was a previous group formed by the name of SOS- Save our Scarsdale before I was told. This time let us really Save Scarsdale.

Please call me at 722-0004 or write to me at Lika@Save-Scarsdale.org or maybe I will have the pleasure of meeting you tonight at the BOA meeting. Or maybe there will be civil disobedience, and there will not be a meeting at all…. Wouldn’t that be great ?

Be well.


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