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Friday, May 17, 2013

Resident's Anonymous Letter, Updated- May 26th, 2013

Dear Readers,

I received the following letter via snail mail, the author did not sign his/her name:

After jumping through quite a few hoops, I am finally able to publish this letter with minor deformations. The substance has not been altered.

Lika Levi
21 Lockwood Rd.
Scarsdale, N Y 10583 Dear Lika,
I've been watching Scarsdale recreate itself with cheek to jowl homes for years. And now
I read about your appearances and read your letters in the paper. Good for you. You 're not alone; it's just that the community is disconnected and expects politicians to handle their wishes .  Big mistake .

May I add a couple points to your presentations - points made by experience , not anecdote, and points that show the need to start far earlier in the process than BAR sess10ns.

1 - The real estate brokerage community is helping to subdivide and destroy .
Unfortunatel y it is in their best interest to do so.  Sell a house with land to a developer
and when he or she flips it, another sale or two at higher prices.  What business reason on earth is there to keep land or homes intact?  If you want to reverse the process , start there
- incentivize the brokers to leave homes intact; or, threaten them with no future listings if their names are attached to any tear downs or subdivisions. Bad press is the last thing they want.

2 - The developers appear to have made all brokerages aware of their desire to either destroy an existing house and flip it, or to destroy one and subdivide the land. It's easy enough to drive around a small town and find properties that look like they 'll be for sale shortly.  In our case, the builder/buyer showed up 3 days after signing the listing, supposedly just walked into the office.  Surprised?

3- Make everyone aware of the neighborhood associations that exist, and form others . Support them ; tum them into watchdog groups. A bank account for each doesn 't hurt. Elections are expensive.

We recently sold a family home and the presentations we got from brokers were either upfront about subdivision, or duplicitous in their chatter about how charming a home it is; all of them had tear-down in mind.  In fact, in interviewing them, at least 2 enthusiastically came in with "this is a tear down," which is not what we wanted to hear.

Prior to this sale, we had checked with the village multiple times and were told that the property was not sub-dividable - something changed, or something changed hands . It is now sub-dividable, and the original house slated for demolition.

Economics of a sale, however, precluded putting no-tear -down restrictions on the
property.  And, the village makes things difficult too.  It has added certificate of

occupancy requirements, inspection requirements , alaim systems, etc. to older homes that are incalculably difficult to execute and potentially so expensive as to make subdivision seem like a benefit. They even charge $75 just to do a final water meter reading!  That in addition to the water itself.

I cannot add my name or contact information , but I will keep an eye on the paper for your letters and news of your appearances. Once again we applaud your vocal efforts - please do more if you can.


13 MAY2013 PM 1. t

Lika Levi
21 Lockwood Rd. Scarsdale, NY  1058J

Sorry, I was away for a while last week. I wish I had the time and energy to devote myself to this 150 per cent, but at times other aspects of my life require a little attention. Not to worry, I will return: In┼čallah - God willing, God facilitating in Turkish ( where I am from )...

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