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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scarsdale Village Board Land Use and Law Committees Meeting, May 28th, 2013

Dear Readers,

I just attended the Land Use and Law Committee's open meeting tonight as well as part of the Village Board regular meeting this evening where I was allowed to make a short speech on what I felt needed to be addressed.

It was evident to me our elected trustees and Mayor are all trying to do their very best for our Village. Yes, the process has to be democratic, yes the process has to be open, all sides have to be heard etc., etc. But unfortunately this conversation had to take place 10, 20 years ago. We are that late in the process. Our code has not been working for us for that long...

Yes,  I am also guilty as charged. We have let this go on for too long and now it has acquired a life of its own as it were... Development, wetlands development, way too big homes for their lots, demolishment of homes is happening at a pace far too fast in comparison to the pace our trustees want to set for their  review of the whole process. I am sorry 24 Herkimer and 15 Herkimer will be gone forever. I hope 21 Herkimer will not go that way. I am sorry 14 Wildwood also went and many, many others that did not have to go. Even a 103 year old home, 45 Cushman that the CHP did not want to demolish got the demolish permit just last week from the BAR.

It is too bad that building in wetlands is being considered on Cushman. I am sorry a congested area on Spruce Lane will get more congested by a sub division on Rock Creek Lane despite all the neighbors' pleas for two consecutive sessions of the Planning Board. I am sorry our board was not present in any of these meetings... If only they saw, if they really knew...

This building craze is a short term solution to get more tax revenue, that will be detrimental long term. It will cost us much, much more than the initial surge in tax dollars...The Scarsdale we moved here for, will be history and I do not think we'll have a better Scarsdale. I do not consider the basins built an improvement, but a a disgrace: the result of poor planning that approved all that wetlands building in the first place, a mistake to cover another mistake that did not have to be there at all in the first place.

The patient ( Scarsdale ) is sick and bleeding and might die soon, and yet we are asking " Well, what is his blood pressure ?..." To make an analogy for example. First you stop the bleeding and then you attend to the other problems... First the trustees have to stop this hemorrhage of insult and assault on our environmental and architectural heritage, short of a moratorium I do not see how we are going to get back the likes of 24 Herkimer or 15 Herkimer or 50 Harvest or 45 Cushman ( 103 years old )...

First you attend to the patients' life threatening needs then, you address the ancillary issues. I hope our trustees can treat this very sick patient, very soon.

Scarsdale is going down the drain literally and in this case figuratively as well, curtesy of D & B or Dvirka & Bertolucci...For you to stop it or stare at it go away...

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