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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BAR Meeting May 20, 2013

Dear readers, residents of Scarsdale and other interested parties,

I am sorry to report unhappy news once again.

Last night squeezed in among pergolas, additions, a shutter removal, landscaping plans, the BAR approved the demolition of 45 Cushman, a home the CHP refused to demolish and referred to the BAR for a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Farley Baker recused himself and the meeting was chaired by May Kaye Koch. Lynn Levine after saying she did not want to approve " another tear down" did exactly that, because there was nothing there that could not be replicated... I am paraphrasing her, I hope correctly. The home did not have any historic value, even though it had stood for 103 years...

The BAR is waiting for a pyramid from Egypt to be on the agenda it seems to me. Other than that all is set to go, while the Village Board still mulls on preservation laws or the absence thereof.

There were many neighbors objecting to the monster at 8 Kent and the lack of screening that was on the plans last night. Finally the landscape architect, the investor and neighbors met outside Rutherford Hall to go over the plans so that they could then offer more screening. They will be applying with revised landscaping plans, I understand.

I want the 100 year old oak back and the monster scaled back to a third...

Later, a BAR member herself Bana Choura presented the addition plans for 7 Rochambeau. I left and could not take in any more at about 10:30 p.m.

This morning I drove around Herkimer Road and took some pictures... One wonders which BAR board approved some of the eye sores there and what is to come ?...

Tonight 15 Circle Road, 24 Herkimer among others are on the agenda of the CHP. You may recall 15 Herkimer was recently at the Planning Board meeting for a new home...

I will be there. Please call me at my cell: (914) 589-1794 if you need information. It takes me a while to recover from the meetings to write about them.

On Wednesday night, there are plans for Kos Development to put two homes on wetland controlled areas on Cushman and more congestion on Spruce Lane. " Planning" continues....

Stay tuned, more later.

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