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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CHP meeting Tuesday May 21, 2013 and comments

Dear Readers,

Last night the CHP met to discuss the demolition of 5 homes. I was interested in all and would have liked all preserved. 50 Harvest Drive and 24 Herkimer were the first two on the agenda. I was not that interested in 50 Harvest and stepped outside to talk to Nick Kristof whom I had not seen for a while.

By the time I got back, Paul Diamond, Chair of the CHP had moved to 5 Burgess and said 24 Herkimer had been voted on already. That was how fast it all went. Why don't we have more appreciation for the old in this country ? Neighbors were notified, nobody showed up, nobody even wrote an e-mail... That is how busy we all are.

There was also the School Budget Vote yesterday. I am glad many felt like myself, and voted "No".
Why can't we teach restraint, responsibility, respect to our kids ? I was further upset when I went to vote in the Middle School and right at the entrance there were propaganda documents: The School budget thick as a Manhattan phone book used to be and the School magazine Insight... I, along with others thought those did not belong there. I did not want to call Linda Purvis one more time as I was advised to do by the District Officer.

This morning I drove to 50 Harvest and 24 Herkimer once again. Harvest Drive already feels very plastic to me, all those new homes lacking character, authenticity, no story to them, or no history in their bones...Here today, gone tomorrow style... No neighbors showed up for either of these homes...

Herkimer is right behind the Hutchinson Parkway, but 24 borders the golf course. There are still a few jewels left on the street. There are also some homes that clearly do not belong there. I wish they would be on the agenda of the CHP.

Next, I drove to Wayside Lane where Twin Oaks is developing a home there. Stone masons were cutting stone one by one, producing beautiful work. Kudos to Mr. Fenton for great work. But I still wish the home would have left more yard space. The local rabbits need habitat.

Speaking of which, I saw my two rabbits this morning in my yard at the same time feasting on the organic clover I planted for them. What will happen to them if a neighbor wants an addition ? Their home will be gone overnight. They had that frightened look in their eyes.

We cannot be so selfish as to ignore all else on this planet.

5 Burgess was voted on very quickly, the applicant said the house was going to come down on its own anyway, it was built so poorly.

7 Lebanon, the applicant said they are only going to demolish some and will put on an addition.

For 15 Circle,  a number of neighbors showed up along with Nick Kristof and Shirley Salmeron, Mrs. Tse ( Patrick's wife )  all of Circle Road. They talked about the speakeasy that had been once in 15 Circle, of the mahogany bar in the basement, of the historic value of the home, of the neighborhood character it adds to our Overhill neighborhood.

The Committee thought we had to make a presentation about the historic value of the home for the next time the home is on the agenda. I certainly hope 15 Circle will not be even on the agenda and Mr. Fenton will choose to preserve it, like 18 Lockwood that was preserved on our street by another local builder.

Tonight is Planning Board meeting: Kos Development wants to build on wetlands and Spruce Lane might get cluttered even more... 190 Brewster and 9 Rural Drive are also seeking wetlands approvals, none of which can be tolerated by our environment any longer.

There are creeks everywhere in Scarsdale and our water table is high already and yet people want bigger and bigger homes endangering our environment, taxing our infrastructure. We have to start saying " No" to more building as well. At least yesterday the first "No" was heard on the budget, I hope the same will follow on all development.

Otherwise, very soon, the Scarsdale we know, will be history itself.

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