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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catching up with last week, June 17-24th

Dear Readers,

There may be occasions when much to my disappointment I may not be able to attend a meeting at Village Hall for one reason or another. Last week, was one such week when I was away for about a week. As you will see unfortunately there is very little information conveyed if one cannot attend the meeting herself or himself.

Meetings I missed last week:

The BAR:

 I wanted to know the results of the BAR meeting I could not attend on June 17th since I was out of town. I called the Building Department spoke to a nice lady who advised I should leave a voice mail for Mr. Nunzio who was out in the field.

The I talked to Mr. O'Brien and he too said he could not let me know how each item was decided since he did not have the time to do this kind of work. I asked about just one item, the first one about Chase Road landscaping and he said that was approved.

I suggested in my voice-mail to Mr. Nunzio that the decisions of the BAR ought to be available for all residents much like the decisions of the other boards such as Planning and CHP, that are available on the web site.

This was exactly what Farley Baker, Chair of the BAR, brought up at last night's meeting. More on that on a subsequent post.

The CHP:

15 Circle was approved for demolition and 22 Murray Hill denied. I just talked with Lidia from the Building Department and learned that 22 Murray Hill will be on the BAR agenda for July 8th. Hope it does not get the fate of 45 Cushman...

The Bus Trip:

I missed it, but we learned during the Village Hall meeting from the Mayor last night, that the board visited water pumping station, the fire station in need of repair and other areas such as Cooper Green and George Field Park that  are currently in development.

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