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Monday, June 3, 2013

From June 2009....

I wrote this on June 21, 2009 which was then published in the Scarsdale Inquirer.

Mayor Bob Steves was then Trustee Steves...Carolyn Stevens was Mayor  and our past Mayor Flisser was a Trustee then. 

A long time has passed, but I hope we are getting nearer to an acceptable solution that will involve less building, more preservation and conservation and that will finally consider and uphold the interests of the 17,000 or so residents we should be safeguarding, always !

The residents who cannot attend meetings- the silent majority who just pays the bills, is at the train platform at 6:00 a.m., the two wage earner families who moved to Scarsdale for what it is, for what it has been and not what it has been becoming, recently in the past 10, 20 years as we seem to be accommodating  every developer, every architect, real estate investor and not the conservationist, the preservationist or the nature lover to the long term detriment of this community. For a better Scarsdale, we have to say "No" to development, now !

I am posting parts of that letter that are still relevant today:

Dear Scarsdale Village Board,

Thank you very much trustee Sharon Lindsay for your article in the Scarsdale Inquirer, Friday June 19th issue. It was illuminating for many reasons, among which:

1. We learned for the first time that the strip of land in question, is  a very crucial piece of land, in fact it was acquired by the village through condemnation. This is the only way for ingress or egress out of the property. Without this piece of land, the  land is worth nothing. The village knew what to condemn for sure and the lenders are absolutely right to demand purchase of it prior to financing. It is the only way to get in and out of the property. Any future developer or owner is bound to be as interested if not more interested  in the village's driveway. We should be proud of our village to have condemned  just the right piece...

..... As long as the Village owns the land, who says we cannot get a better deal ? Any other buyer can agree to the same and even a better transaction. What if someone buys the land, agrees to preserve the Tavern building  and buys the land across the corner ( the current gas station )  and for having the Tavern Building and our drive-way agrees to give the village that land as a park ad infinitum ? Why is this not possible ? Finally, the village resident, the lone ranger, that silent majority, would be getting something...

.... Good planning is about thinking what can and cannot happen and about seeing as clearly as possible into the future. 

This deal, as good a deal as it may seem, is not a good deal at all...

Thank you current owners of the Heathcote Tavern, we wish you luck and creative and innovative thinking. Consider the park option ...

Lika L. Levi
Lockwood Road
Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon Board Member

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