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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

George Field Swamps, Cambridge Road, Meadow Road

This morning I thought I would see what the George Field Basin looked like. Tomorrow night at Village Hall there is a presentation of Dvirka & Bertolucci on the Harcourt Woods basin. They keep getting hired to do the wetlands studies for the Village...

They are also the ones doing the study for Cushman wetlands, trying to draw conclusions on future soil conditions based on an 8 month old study....That is like an ant at the foot of a giant trying to count the hair on the giant's head... Totally futile, unless your objective is to fund D and B and make sure all the partners' kids' college funds are well endowed...I sent an e-mail on this to our Village Manager and copied our Mayor. Hopefully they will find it useful and act upon it. I tried to tell Seth Ross about this also, but he looks like he is getting a heart attack each time I move up to the table to talk. So, I am not sure he can concentrate much...

Another point, why is the Village paying for these studies ? The Village should choose the company to do the study, but the applicant should pay the bill. No, the Village portrayed to everyone but the resident, is a Village rich in cash reserves, hiring right and left... No wonder the economy picked up.

Soon they will hire a consultant on how to walk or how to properly salt your meat and then raise taxes on the resident because the sewage lines need repair...and our Manager does not remember when he had said" If the residents do not want it it does not get done in Scarsdale ". Now, if the residents do not want it, it especially gets done in Scarsdale, gets tried anyway...

Scaresdale as one kid had drawn one year on a Halloween poster.

George Field Swamps thanks to poor planning. 7 Million cubic feet draining into here...

This morning at 10:30 a.m.

Landscape architects at the site this morning observing the invasives that had migrated into the area...

On Cambridge Road, with the architectural  firm below....Sound familiar ? How about the BAR ?

Inside out, is right. How about insider to out ?

I was in the Herkimer area when I noticed these fences and a new home being built, guess the builder:

3 Meadow Road new home or homes to be built..
My backyard bunny flattening his ears, making himself look like a leaf,  a stone...perfect camouflage, the other day.
There was another bunny while I was driving West on Popham this afternoon that ran for his life, as he heard the car approach. What are we doing to these poor animals, did it ever cross your mind Trustee Mark ? Who was here first ? They or us ? How will they defend themselves ? Ever ? Don't you love when a bunny appears suddenly in your yard seemingly out of nowhere ? We are all here in awe of these wonderful creatures. They are so perfect, so wonderful, so wild, so exquisite...

Lady bug ( Harmonia Axyridis as identified by Lost Lady Bug Project )  at George Field

Click here: From Lost Lady Bug Project

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