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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Harcourt Woods, river project by the high-school

It was a good meeting !

Ilene Nechamkin of the Inquirer, Lena Crandall, a neighbor Grace Goldstein of Harcourt Road, Mr. Selanitro, David Candell reporting for the Scarsdale10583 site were in attendance as well as the Mayor and all the trustees in full force and Village Manager and his crew with deputy manager and Mr. Goodwin.

The engineer from D & B, Rob DeGiorgio,  explained they would be regrading the river at Harcourt Woods to mitigate flooding. They will start in the fall and hopefully finish up by spring. They will design what is called a gabion wall made of stones as a retention wall and be widening the river. This may alleviate the flooding in the area. We shall see...

Trustee Eisenman read from a prepared statement and gave us the background at the start of the meeting, much like Trustee Mark had done the other night with 2-4 Weaver. What would still be better is if they would hand those in attendance their statement so that later we could read it and have a chance to reflect on it. Of course, I even think it should be available through the village web site. I would have loved to have read it prior to the meeting. It just makes us better informed listeners. All who attend these meetings have a genuine interest, and because all have a different background, we all can contribute and potentially do. There are usually not too many in attendance, so I think it would not be too difficult to print a couple of statements and hand them out.  That would certainly make a better, more transparent government. All in the open, nothing to hide. We are sharing all we know with you sentiment, throughout.

The more you attend these kinds of meetings, the more you begin to understand government is a complex, but interesting and intriguing process. You had to be there !

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