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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Herkimer and Harvest Roads

 The CHP on May 21st, 2013 voted to demolish two homes one on, 24 Herkimer and one on 50 Harvest Drive.

You may recall 15 Herkimer was already on the BAR agenda last month for a new home. Our neighborhoods are changing at a rate, I certainly cannot keep up with !

Here is Herkimer Road:

40 Herkimer Modern home, certainly does not belong there....

15 Herkimer given the demolish order, bulldozer at the ready.

36 Herkimer

 17 Herkimer ( new, looks like )

21 Herkimer Road
24 Herkimer, got the demolish permit built in 1940

Here is more from Herkimer with architectural detail from 24 Herkimer:

24 Herkimer to leave us soon...

21 Herkimer with architectural detail, still standing. Wonder how long ? I feel each of these homes' death sentence is being drawn as we speak... One by one, unless the trustees get the preservation law written.

Now, Harvest Drive:

50 Harvest got the demolish permit:

50 Harvest Drive detail

50 Harvest Drive

Harvest Drive new...

50 Harvest Drive emptying house for curbside pickup 

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