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Monday, June 3, 2013

Land Use Meeting, BAR Meeting June 3rd, 2013

I am sorry I had to witness yet another meeting of the VB where again the resident was not heard, again and again and again...March to the beat, ignore the resident, accommodate the applicant !

Trustee Mark at the end of the meeting read his prepared statement that he had obviously prepared prior to the meeting after all the comments were made, about an hour's ( or more )  worth of comments... Numerous times  residents spoke: Martin Kaufman, Larry Bell, neighbors on Wynmor Road, myself, etc., etc. and yet  "No, we are the trustees, this is what we are doing"  attitude, callous, insensitive, inappropriate ... over and over again...Democracy or autocracy in Scarsdale. Forget about government by the people, for the people, it is government against the people in Puddledale...

Trustee Mark, this is not right. Trustee Eisenman said we were at the end of the process... How can she be so insensitive and yet volunteer to serve on the Village Board I do not understand. I thought you had to have some compassion, some empathy... If she does have it, it certainly is not evident to me.

How can we be at the end of the process, when all the time we were told this is nothing, this is a non-binding agreement, at Planning Board meeting after meeting Liz Marrinan goes: "This is nothing, this is nothing you are only approving the facade, you are not doing any thing important"... Blasphemy,  happening in Scarsdale (Puddledale)  in 2013 and you would think it were the feudal times in Europe.

The non-binding agreement gets changed over and over to their benefit and why not to our benefit ? Were the trustees going to represent the resident ? Good deal they raised the price of village land. You have a long way to go to make it a fair deal, Trustee Mark. Please contact me, you need assistance in.

Later tonight I was at the tail end of the BAR meeting. Farley Baker exhibited the same insensitivity I witnessed earlier at the Trustee meeting. My friend Claudine's property ( 10 Kent Road, last item on the agenda )  cannot be screened properly because the new house was built so very close to her property. An issue Lena Crandall brought up over and over again. And now I see it in action. I suggested they demolish the one third of the house... They cannot put in Japanese maples because they are too expensive... Two trees in a $ 5 Mil. home. I  do not understand this, do you ?...

Maybe there should be a member of the Board attending these meetings. There are liaisons everywhere else... A member to attend the CHP, the BAR and the BOA as well as Planning Board meetings. I do not think they will like what they will see and maybe just knowing a trustee will be at the meeting will cause the meeting to be different. Actually I mentioned this during my long conversation with Trustee Stern tonight, he seemed to agree it would be a good idea.

Thank God, for Trustee Stern, a breath of fresh air on the Board, no one like a physicist to see things clearly, to get to the bottom of the issue in a heart beat !

Ilene Nechamkin of the Scarsdale Inquirer was in person at the Land Use meeting as opposed to watching the meeting at home on tv, of course because this  meeting was not televised. I  want to thank her for her objective and good reporting covering the VB meeting last week. She wrote a bit about me in last week's Inquirer which made the hits to this web site increase astronomically ! Yes, they have a much more loyal and consistent base as an audience. They have been around for a long time and the community relies on their reporting, which has only gotten better and better over the years. Thank you Linda !

That's all for tonight. Be well all !

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