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Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Palmer... One Disaster...

Yeah, we heard the rumors too: Click here  Heathcote Five Corners for the story from Scarsdale10583.

Isn't it ironic that during the same week that the other corner was being discussed we get this news ?

Of course, we also heard other rumors, as in a resident traitor, playing double agent, who switched sides so he would renovate his house on an island off  Cape Cod among other gainful acts...Why doesn't he and his family move there full time and save us from more such treacherous behavior ? Where there is no smoke, there is no fire, it is said in Turkey...In Scarsdale there is smoke and fire and how...

I do seem to remember another saw: The world would be a much better place if all the lawyers just left us. Amen !

Finally the kosher butcher made the right decision. Nobody likes the building, nobody wants to be seen near this building, so why move from Golden Horse Shoe to here ? Of course not... Not for a bowl of borscht or  gefilte fish...Speaking of Fish...

Maybe Mr. Fish will get the message and scrap his plans for a residential building and warm up to the idea of a park ? Doesn't he want to leave a better world for his children ? 29 and 44 years old ?

Hasn't he been successful enough ? Click the link for more: Frederick S. Fish

It was a pleasure for me to meet Mr. Fish last week. He has been to Istanbul, and parts of Turkey that I have never been to. Smart, considerate, thoughtful man who knew turkish politics and history all the way to Atatürk. Wise enough also to know to forget about the residential building and make a park for all of us to enjoy... I hope.

When will the cupola be seen finally where it should have been since Sandy blew it away ? Isn't this called not acting in good faith ? At least they should show they care enough for the building to take care of the building.... No, so far they have not even been able to take care of the cupola, let alone our historic Heathcote Tavern. But maybe that will change, too. We are waiting and watching...

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