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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Since 2007....

Dear Readers,

I knew I have been writing on this for a long time, who knew it was really this long ago that it all started...

I wrote this as an e-mail on December 14, 2007, wonder why they would never consider any thing like this. Many of our volunteers seem to work in the real estate industry as real estate agent, developer, lawyer, investor, advisor, contractor, decorator, architect or have a relative and/or friend or somehow have vested interest, it seems....Otherwise, it seems hard to understand their bizarre behavior and refusal  to "change ", while Trustee Mark says  "change is constant "... Where, I ask.

I thought this was called  "conflict of interest" and had to be avoided, but not in Swamp-dale, that was once known as Scarsdale....Of course, I should add I never got a response to this e-mail.

But then this was pre Mayor Miriam days and her Miriam rule, she had instituted:  respond to the resident in the manner he/she has made contact with us. If by e-mail, respond by e-mail, if letter, respond by letter etc., promptly, so that we felt at least heard... But unfortunately still not listened to. She could not change much either. We have high hopes vested in Mayor Bob Steves, our current Mayor. He seems to care, he is listening, he is careful not to offend anyone, wanted to move the process about this development issue along, wanted to schedule more meetings at the last meeting I attended to.

Irving Sloan, Les Levine, Beth Rubens all seem to be chuckling from where they are and saying:  " "Didn't we tell you, Lika ?  Now, you know what we were up against". May they all rest in peace.

Their energy and good will, will propel us to justice and justice for all in this town: Respect for our environment and our values cannot be forgotten forever. Without, these values, we have nothing and we will be nothing.

Lika L. Levi <likallevi@aol.com>
To: mayor@scarsdale.com, planning@scarsdale.com
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FAR Law and our streets

To the Planning Board and the Village Board,

As you well know I am upset along with many others with the current rate of building up that is going on in Scarsdale.

I have tried on numerous occasions to alert the Board to the inadequacy of the FAR laws. One exercise would be to digitally alter the existing streets and redesign them if the FAR laws were fully in effect. i.e. These streets if every single house were to be enlarged along with the FAR guidelines would be much like  Queens or Brooklyn.

You are failing to see that FAR is grossly inadequate because you think FAR will occur only in isolated instances. At the limit, FAR taken fully  advantage of would be horrible. This is what I have to draw your attention to. What you pass as law now, will have consequences far into the future, and has already irrevocably altered our streets for the worse. See School Lane, see Overhill Road recent build ups,i.e. 29 Overhill, and 25 School Lane... Not to mention Popham Lane and all those other streets and alleys that were created to make more and more streets, build more houses, put in more additions. This is some of what I know. I am sure a thorough study would reveal many more instances of such over crowding.

Please consider this mental exercise and if you need to,  do a digital rendering and see what the FAR would do in the limit. I am sure you will agree with me that the FAR has to go. A far more stringent set of guidelines have to be adopted if we are to continue to be a Village in a Park and not become a Village in  Concrete.

Thank you,
Lika L. Levi
Lockwood Road

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