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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

182-5 and 182-6 Criteria for "Preservation" in Scarsdale

§ 182-5Criteria for historical importance.

In considering whether the building in question appears to be of substantial historic importance, the Committee ( for Historic Preservation ) shall consider whether the building:

A. Is a building that is at least 100 years of age;
B. Is a building of historic significance;
C. Is a building which was the location of an event of historic significance;
D. Is a building related to an historically important individual;
E. Is the work of an architect or engineer of significance;
F. Is a work of architectural or engineering significance;
G. Is a significant example of an important building style or period; or
H. Has been listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places.

182-6 Criteria for issuance of certificate of appropriateness.

The BAR, in making its determination whether or not to issue a certificate of appropriateness, shall consider the following:

A. Whether the building is of such architectural or historic interest that its removal would be detrimental to the public interest;
B. Whether the building is of such interest that it could be made into an historic shrine;
C. Whether the building is of such old and unusually uncommon design, texture or materials that it could not be reproduced or could be reproduced only with great difficulty; and
D. Whether the building's retention would promote the general welfare by encouraging interest in American history and architecture.

Clearly none of the above is working. It does not make sense that a higher court, the BAR in this case is working with less stringent criteria than the CHP: four criteria versus the eight of the CHP.

 It reflects the old days of planning, when land was "improved " with a building on the property as you will read in old literature. Gone are those days. Land is now encumbered with buildings. We are not living in the USA of 1492. Years, centuries of building have now given us climate change, habitat loss, population explosion and pollution.

The term carbon print did not exist in 1492, nor in the 1920's when our code was first written. We did not think we could damage our Earth by our actions or our inactions. Both are happening. It is time Scarsdale woke up. Procrastination is no longer acceptable. Stop patting yourself in the back Scarsdale, you have fallen behind the times into the puddles, swamps,  "drainage basins" you have created in the name of volunteer civic duty.

 Professionals at Village Hall do not see beyond their next pay-check. They are serving the applicant, the developer, the architect, not you the resident tax payer paying the bills, bearing the burden, having to live in a deteriorating Village, that was once known as a Village-in-a-Park....

Who would have thought an immigrant from Istanbul, Turkey would be writing this in the Scarsdale of 2013 ? That in and of itself is as telling as the tolls of the church bells for a funeral. Yes, Scarsdale's funeral.

Are you ready to bury  Scarsdale and let the real estate agents, lawyers, investors, so called  "historical experts",  engineers, developers corrupt, collude, congest, collaborate to deprive us of our town ? It is happening any night and every night at Village Hall in plain sight.

Highway robbery elevated to the present. The Wild West without Buffalo Bill !

Sign my petition: Click here to sign the petition to preserve Scarsdale  to urge our Trustees to act to conserve Scarsdale, our architectural and environmental heritage.

Forward to all, resident and non-resident alike or else watch a potential World Heritage site get buried live: our architectural and environmental heritage get lost, bit by bit, day after day descend into the abyss of an inferno engulfing us all.

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