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Monday, July 8, 2013

BAR Agenda for July 8th, 2013

Here is the agenda, the maximum applications they can consider is 20. They keep getting pretty close each time lately.

Also, neighbors have to be notified 10 days prior to meeting date, otherwise the application will not be reviewed. Many residents do not know this.

Too bad first item on the agenda is the Rock Creek Lane home(s)  again, for the two lot subdivision and now the neighbors have to consider two insults on their environment that was already prone to flooding, congestion... Is this planning ? Who listened to their complaints ? Who heard them, really heard them ?

Because a new lot is created as a result of this sub-division,  the developer has to pay a fee. Guess how much ? $ 35,000 or so in this case... Is the Planning Board really planning ? When was this fee changed ? Often the PB members look like they are serving a sentence and are not volunteers acting on their own will. Yes, I can see why. They seem like they are in a forced labor camp, approving all these egregious plans - for a worse Scarsdale...

If they want to benefit the community I think they should serve in a soup kitchen.

Which one of their actions has so far benefited this community ? If their actions continually harm the community, why continue the damage ?  Why are their serving to harm our community ? What happened to the meaning of Planning ? Implicit is a belief for a better place... Where is that better place ? Especially when all residents keep crying to the contrary.

I cannot understand any of this. Can you ? Do you ?

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