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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cancel CHP Meetings until...

Dear Readers, Residents,

As they say " Necessity is the Mother of invention "....

Here is my latest e-mail to Paul Diamond, CHP President where members of the VB as well as the press was copied:

Lika L. Levi
Jul 14 (2 days ago)
to Paulbobstevesstern.billLLeavittkay.eisenman
Paul Diamond and CHP Members,

As you all must know by now I am deeply concerned and very upset at the rate with which you have been enabling the loss of our historical resources, demolishing all that come on your agenda while the VB is "struggling" to come up with new criteria. Frankly it is more like "sleeping" on the job. If you do not demolish the BAR does the honors...

Why volunteer, continue to serve, appear to serve while delaying, doing nothing and essentially providing a disservice to this community all the while cloaking themselves with the righteousness of a trustee ? As a resident had once remarked you have taken the trust out of the trustee.

Our government has not been serving us. They cannot even pick up the garbage correctly, see my post on my website about recyclables and have to hire consultants for everything while we have to navigate pot holes and roads like we are on the Sahara...Icing on the cake is the latest lawsuit they got served during the Popham bridge construction...

In the same manner I do not understand why the CHP meets while this criteria is still in place. As I remarked to Paul privately once, have you not heard of " civil disobedience " ? If nobody shows up for these meetings, there would be no quorum and de facto no demolishing. There is always a solution, it depends whether you want to exercise or not. 

Just don't call yourselves protector of our heritage while you sit there and repeatedly enable the razing of one home after another...

I hope there will be no more meetings of the CHP until such time that correct criteria is finally established, or no criteria: all homes should be preserved, all homes maintained, forever and ever. Who ever heard of a committee who calls themselves a committee for preservation and meets to destroy ? It should not exist in Scarsdale either.


Lika L. Levi

Founder, Save Scarsdale (a non-profit in formation)
21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004

Don't you agree enough is enough ?

Show your support for preservation e-mail our Mayor, the CHP President, write to the members of the media. Let us know how you feel. Don't let it be your park in the dark all the time... There are plenty out there to take advantage of every loop-hole in existence...They are even ready to create new ones, while no one is watching.

The worse is verisimilitude, where we are led to believe someone is watching our interests when in fact they are really not... Attend any of the land use board meetings...

Sad but true. I am not happy at all I had to start this website. I was waiting fro someone else to do it. WHy me, right ?... Why, an immigrant from Turkey ?

But no one would step up...There has been plenty of residents from Lena Crandall to Cynthia Roberts to many, many others mentioned here and known everywhere in this Village, who worked they and night to preserve our Village. It is not an accident this place is and looks the way it does. Implicit is a lot of sweat, pain and many nights at Village Hall until the small hours of the night. Decades of service, painstaking work, centuries in the making...

We have to thank them for what they have done, selflessly, but now it is our turn to do what we can and not to  be a spectator but a participator, an active participator... Thank you all.

I know you are all selfless, indefatigable warriors for our Village.

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