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Thursday, July 11, 2013

KOS Development: Cushman, Garden Road Wetlands

Dear Readers,

Here is the e-mail exchange between our Planner and myself on the proposed development on wetlands on Cushman and Garden Roads in Scarsdale and her replies. Late yesterday I received the formal notice that the plans were approved subject to conditions... They relied on an eight month study to extrapolate on building on the site. As if an eight month study would have any bearing on Earth that is 4 billion years old... I guess they could not grasp the irrrelevance here. These are the planners " planning " in Scarsdale...

From: Lika L. Levi [mailto:lika@save-scarsdale.org]
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 10:26 AM
To: Planning Department; Elizabeth Marrinan; Seth.ross@verizon.net
Cc: Jim Blum
Subject: Planning in Scarsdale

Ms. Marrinan,

I called Janet at about 9:20 a.m. this morning to learn KOS development project was approved subject to conditions. Janet could not tell me the conditions. It is now past 10:00  a.m. and I still do not know what the conditions are.

This is very upsetting. The fact that the project was approved is very upsetting, the fact that  a concerned resident cannot get answers to her questions, the fact that the Planner is not available after more than 12 hours ( I imagine ) since the hearing is not right.

When shall we see good planning in this town ? When will you tell developers to pack up and go, when we are drowning in water and when you have destroyed all wildlife habitat in this town ?

We no longer wish to be "heard " Chairman Ross, we want to see some responsible, contemporary planning. This is is not acceptable.


Lika L. Levi

Founder, Save Scarsdale (a non-profit in formation)
21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Elizabeth Marrinan <emarrinan@scarsdale.com> wrote:
Ms. Levi –
I’ve been in meetings all morning. I did return your call just a few minutes ago – please feel free to call back to discuss the Board’s decision.
Liz Marrinan

From: Lika L. Levi [mailto:lika@save-scarsdale.org]
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 9:39 AM
To: Elizabeth Marrinan
Cc: Seth.ross@verizon.net; Alfred Gatta; bobsteves@cloud9.net; LLeavitt@ScarsdaleNews.com Leavitt
Subject: Re: Planning in Scarsdale

Ms. Marrinan,

Please provide a written explanation and conditions for the approval of the KOS development application. I presume written answers were provided to the applicant, please provide same. I will not be able to stop by Village Hall today.

Please also provide your plans for Scarsdale for the next year, next 5 years, the next 10, 50 years. How do you plan to mitigate the damages caused to our environment with all the construction you and your boards have approved thus far ? 

During your tenure here in Scarsdale in the last 10, 20 years how much pervious surface was lost to impervious ones, how many cubic feet of air replaced with concrete forever ? Do you believe your actions have not contributed to climate change ?

How much building approved in wetlands ? How many variances granted by the BOA to the detriment of our environment and degradation of our natural resources ? How many subdivisions approved by the Planning Board ? How many empty lots left in Scarsdale ? How much open space dedicated to be open and green forever ? How much habitat lost ? How many trees lost ? How much oxygen not supplied, forever ? How much CO2 released ?

How and when are you going to plan for the reversal of this process, for a better Scarsdale ?

Planning for  more buildings is no longer " planning "...Planning for less buildings is "planning "...When will Planning be finally right in Scarsdale ?

The resident's tax dollars pay for everything from the power at Village Hall to your salary, you and your administration as well as volunteers serving on our land use boards have been returning the favor by congesting, cluttering and destroying our Village. 

Our architectural heritage as well as our environment have been continuously attacked. You have been facilitating this and not even trying to stop any of this, to my knowledge. For you prove, I am wrong.

You may have heard lately that President Obama announced plans to mitigate the damages of our carbon print. Where is Scarsdale in this ? Lagging and lacking or leading ? When will you start defending the rights of the resident and stop accommodating the developer, the builder, the real estate investor, lawyer, consultant ?

The word greed has a start and a finish, but in Scarsdale greed has been limitless, voracious and yes, ugly.

I hope you will show I am wrong and that there is a lot I do not know about or am not aware of. I hope you have a plan to stop any and all of this.

Looking forward to your reply. Please note your answers may and could be published on the Internet via my blog, below.


Lika L. Levi

21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004

Elizabeth Marrinan
Jun 28 (13 days ago)
to SethmeAlfredBoblleavitt
Hi Lika –
As we have discussed many times in the past, the Planning Board’s written resolutions regarding meeting items are available once they are prepared and reviewed – usually within two weeks of the meeting. I’ll consider this email a request for a copy of the resolution regarding KOS Development and will copy on it once its completed.

I remain available to discuss the results of the Planning Board’s 6/26/13 meeting by phone or in person.


Elizabeth Marrinan, AICP
Village Planner
Village of Scarsdale
1001 Post Road
Scarsdale NY
914-722-1103 (Fax)

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Forward to all, resident and non-resident alike or else watch a potential World Heritage site get buried live: our architectural and environmental heritage get lost, bit by bit, day after day descend into the abyss of an inferno engulfing us all.

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