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Monday, July 8, 2013

Meetings week of June 24th: VB, BAR and Planning

Dear Readers,

There is indeed a lot happening and tough to keep up with it all. I just wanted to provide a brief summary before the new week with the new meetings start.

I attended the VB meeting scheduled with the BAR on June 25th. In attendance were Paul Diamond, Andy Bass, Ilene Nechamkin of the Scarsdale Inquirer and members of the BAR, the VB and myself.

The VB listened as Farley Baker talked about additions they have to consider, some 190% going from a home 1,279 to over 4,000 sq.ft. in some cases. They are too big... Lynn Levine talked how the side yard setbacks are so narrow screening plants cannot be planted, lawn mowers cannot go through...

Farley Baker said it would be great if all applications could be scanned and reviewed that way.

I did not attend the VB meeting that Tuesday night, but watched it live at home. I watched residents of  Christie Place voice their complaints at the noise of deliveries at all times of the night disrupting their lives. Village Manager Mr. Gatta said there were conflicting interests that needed to be resolved. Isn't it often the case ? And why do residents have to come out in droves to be heard ? Aren't they defending our rights first and foremost ?... One upset, angry taxpayer after another. In order to make things " better" they were proposing to move the deliveries from 7 a.m. to earlier 6:00 a.m. That is their idea to make things better. Finally, I think it was decided this was not a good idea and that they had to work out things together later.

Sunday September 22nd will be a culinary event at Scarsdale.

The Mayor talked about how they are talking to the various boards and will be addressing this preservation and conservation issue "over the year"... I did not like the "over the year"... Which year, calendar year, Village Board new year, that started when they took office in April ?...Any year, is too slow, too late...The have to work on an accelerated year to mitigate all the damage so many boards have caused over so many years...It is a heap of abuse that just keeps growing.

This has to be addressed immediately, a time table drawn with deadlines... We are letting too much time go by with too little action, in fact no action.

It is great that the VB met with the CHP and the BAR. What about the BOA and Planning ? When are they meeting them ? I do not see those meetings scheduled. Am I missing something ? Aren't they important ?

What about the Conservation Advisory Council ? Why do they along with the FOSP never step up when we need them most ? Why is it that they cannot have a position ? .... What are they defending and how ? Heritage Tree program is great, but all trees need help at this point in Scarsdale. They are being cut relentlessly and replaced with tiny twigs. In the meanwhile the public thinks we have a "tree ordinance"... The CAC is looking at it. Rest assured they are looking.

July 10th there is a meeting on Sheldrake, August 13th Law and Land Use will review land use, and September 10th finance will be discussing how to create and fund an open space fund...

I hope I have all dates and information correct, English is not my native language and I certainly do not have a journalism education. All errors and/or omissions are my creation. Corrections will be appreciated and acknowledged with a "thank you".

On June 26th, Planning Board met to consider KOS development on Cushman among other applications, read aggravations... I wanted to get a a written copy of the approval with conditions as we were told, however our Planner said I have to wait for two weeks. I was so upset with all of this I could not make myself go to Village Hall to discuss it with her as she wanted me to do. More on this as I get the ( bad)  news.

Be well, try to think positive, think green, think Rufous.

Money is everything, but everything is not money. Therein lies the mystery.

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