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Thursday, July 11, 2013

To CHP President, Mr. Paul Diamond

Here is my last correspondence with Mr. Paul Diamond:

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 7:14 PM, Lika L. Levi <lika@save-scarsdale.org> wrote:
Good to hear from you, Paul.

I see Trustee Mark is your liason Trustee, who has said " Change is constant " at a meeting to counteract my preservation efforts. And yet, when were our criteria for Historic Preservation last amended ? Who seems tied to the past and not evolving with the times ? 

Preservation of the past is the latest way to change. The world is progressing and preserving, Scarsdale is destroying and regressing...

The world does not stand still, why are we so reluctant to move ? Who is not changing, and why ?

In NYC, homes 30 years and older are being voted for preservation. Here 103 year old home gets demolished " for lack of character "... Who is lacking of character, I wonder.

We call it progress when we do not change our historic preservation laws, and we bend to developers who bloat and gloat and take advantage of loop hole after loop hole in our land use laws. They have become rich beyond recognition and yet they cannot stop. Now, the wife, the son is appearing in front of the boards, as if we cannot make the connection...

We forget the residents' property rights and auction it all off to the applicant at the next BAR, CHP, Planning or BOA meeting with a smile...We hire engineers to build basins because of all variances allowed to accommodate every 6,000 sq.ft home on wetlands... Why not, nature does not have a litigation attorney.

Our land is abused akin to highway robbery right in front of our eyes and yet we say " we have to follow criteria "... Follow common sense for a change and do what is right.

Resident volunteers sit, volunteer on our Historic Preservation Committee and yet will not sign a petition to conserve and preserve ? Sometimes I wonder how I have drifted so far away from the community I have lived in for 22 years...I do not understand any of this. Do you ?...

Political correctness is the veneer for the coward, not for you. 

I know you can deal with the tough issues. I hope you have a good discussion session during your next meeting and may be I could receive a synopsis of it...

With best wishes,


Lika L. Levi

Founder, Save Scarsdale (a non-profit in formation)
21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 5:31 PM, Paul Diamond <pauldiamond10@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Lika,

Thank you for your letter.

As I am sure you realize, the committee on Historic Preservation has the responsibility to review every applicant that comes before us  using the current criteria that is published in the Village code.  Although some of us believe that the criteria need to be improved and we all realize that the Trustee’s are making an effort to address this (and other relevant issues), for now, we have to use the criteria that is in place.

WIth that said, as I am sure you realize, any information that residents wish to provide for 15 Circle Rd that is relevant to the criteria and helps us make a determination is as always appreciated.

Hope you have a nice trip.



From: "Lika L. Levi" <lika@save-scarsdale.org>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 17:01:30 -0400
To: Paul Diamond <pauldiamond10@gmail.com>
Subject: 15 Circle Road


It was nice to see your Committee in full force on Tuesday evening's VB meeting. I hope you are able to revise our laws so that more historic homes are preserved and our character maintained. I am afraid though, the process is too slow and we are losing all  authenticity far too quickly to developers' haste - irrevocably.

I have plans made a long time ago to be out of town in the next 10 days and therefore will not be able to attend the next meeting of the CHP when 15 Circle will be discussed. I am sure you know how I feel about this home and every other home with the exception of a very few in Scarsdale. They all have character enough and are unique enough to be preserved forever, for all. In time, future generations will thank us for us for our foresight if we can preserve our homes. Or else, they will ask why ? Why did you agree to destroy ?...

In this case, I hope the developer Twin Oaks, will look at what another local developer Chris Knopf did here at 18 Lockwood Road and preserve the home on the outside while bringing it up to date on the inside. This way character is maintained, street feel unaltered, impervious surfaces left untouched.

I hope you are able to discuss all that is at stake, as you take into consideration preservation efforts in all other areas of the world and seriously consider a halt to all this until which time you have satisfactorily amended our laws. In the meanwhile, I do not think we can afford to loose any more homes... A moratorium is necessary and the only solution, now. You can recommend it to the trustees.

Looking forward to seeing your name and the names of all on the Committee on my petition. Please forward to all friends and family and urge them to sign as well.

With thanks,

Lika L. Levi

Founder, Save Scarsdale (a non-profit in formation)
21 Lockwood Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583-5301

Office: (914) 722-0004
Fax: (914) 722-0005
www.save-scarsdale.org <http://www.save-scarsdale.org/>


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