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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Trust but Verify" Reagan and Gandhi in Scarsdale...

At last night's BAR meeting CHP members Alan Steinfeld as well as William Silverman were present.

Mr. Steinfeld spoke a couple of times in defense of preserving 22 Murray Hill. He was also visibly disturbed at the decision of the four members of the BAR as was Mr. Silverman. The CHP's efforts for preservation rendered useless for no reason...Maybe they will contact the VB and let them know the criteria is useless, a moratorium is needed and that week after week we are loosing our homes, our character, our values making way to a soulless Scarsdale.

There are new homes to be considered for their next meeting on July 16, next week already. Three more to go ! Maybe not...


At one point Mr. Steinfeld spoke about President Ronald Reagan and his redwoods...

I forget the exact context, but I was reminded of President Reagan lately as well. I remembered him saying: " Trust but verify " in relation to the nuclear arms treaty.

Well he was right even when it comes to recycling in Scarsdale. As many residents do as well I am sure ,we too in this household go to great lengths to separate our recyclables and put them in the right garbage bin for collection. Many of us though do not witness if the recyclables are getting collected at the right time or not.

Well, last week during regular garbage collection my recyclable bin was dumped right in to the regular garbage golf cart. There is considerable noise generated when all the bottles are dumped and that is how I knew about it. I called the Sanitation Department and the person there, apologized profusely said the person was new. I said I remembered this happening before, but at that time I had not called.

Soon after, my husband called me and said, the garbage collector, the man who made the mistake came to our door and apologized. I told him, apologies were not sufficient he had to separate the recyclables that he had now commingled with the regular garbage.

Our town cannot even pick up our garbage in the right manner. Forget about preservation. No wonder we are drowning. There is a hearing on Sheldrake on Wednesday July 10th.

Another episode:

We received the dreaded certified letter last week informing that neighbors were planning an addition. It sounded benign enough: A two story addition in the rear, not to even warrant a visit to the Building Department. I went anyway, Reagan echoing: "trust, but verify" in my mind... Well, Reagan was right here too.

It turns out, the addition is additions and alterations on all four stories of their home from the basement up to the third floor roof deck and fencing in the yard... These are  out of town, new residents who have not even been in our block a year. They do not know no one builds recklessly to the max. on Lockwood Road...

They have I hope seen my " Rabbit Crossing " sign on the tree I have on our property. I hope they know by now, we preserve and conserve. Or else, they too would not have wanted to move here. The dog fence in the rear, all that construction is not going to benefit the wildlife here. Where will Rufous go when they destroy his/her home ?

Our son, a long time ago wanted a pool in our backyard. I said: " If we do that, Rufous' home will be destroyed, we can't do that to Rufous" . He gladly accepted and that was the end of that conversation.

What about  a little restraint and respect for our architectural and natural environment ?

For many years before them, many families lived in that home peacefully without changing a thing. They too can live with minor changes in the interior preserving their home and their environment. Now that they are expecting their first child, don't they want a better world for their baby ? Of course they do, everyone does. But it starts with a little refrain, restraint, respect and a lot of responsibility right now.

Their application was not heard last night since they failed to give proper notification to neighbors. I am looking forward to their revised application or no application. That would be much better.

Their plans now is for an application to turn the beautiful home they purchased to a characterless, insipid block condo, much like the ones in Princeton Junction, Princeton where they moved from. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope we are far from Princeton Junction. This couple, any one moving here, I think, should live here for a while, like five years,  to really understand what this town is all about. We do things slowly, judiciously and respectfully here. Scarsdale is like no other...

Haste and brash behavior does not belong here. In time they will acclimate and see what really belongs here. They are lovely people and we are happy to have them on our street, I know they will be very happy here.

I was told they are reading my blog. So, here is a message to them:

I hope I have not hurt your feelings in any way, please read one of my very first blogs where I specifically declared I did not wish to hurt anyone's feelings in anyway. Where I am from, Istanbul, Turkey we love all, because all is beautiful.

( Mevlana Cellaledin-i-Rumi, or Rumi for short )

Mahatma Gandhi

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi ( 1869-1948)

And this is what I had posted on the Scarsdale10583.com site about my blog on April 30, 2013:

The blog is a work in progress as I am trying different formats and learning about this new communication medium. This effort will take time and effort as we spread the word, get more people involved. Do not expect an immediate result. Rather, a slow and even painful birth and some growth pains along the way… There will be mistakes and  ( may be )  faux pas and perhaps politically incorrect moments, but I wish to let you all know I only mean well as I am sure you do as well. 

The following is a list CHP members with their terms from the Village website:

3 Year Term/Chair 1 Year Term
Paul Diamond, CH 01/24/12 04/04/16
Joyce Hirsch 04/02/12 04/06/15
Marjorie Anne Meiman 04/06/09 04/06/15
Abigal Olsen 04/01/13 04/04/16
Jill Raizen Serling 05/10/11 04/01/14
William Silverman 4/1/13 4/4/16
Alan Steinfeld 4/2/12


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