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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Would you like to help ?

Dear Residents, Readers,

More than two months later, it is time to reflect.

Since late April, I have written 58 posts and have attended numerous meetings at Village Hall to the point where Mr. SeƱor, the engineer who represents most applicants,  is now concerned when he does not see me at a meeting. We had a pleasant conversation last week.

As you might have gathered this has been taking up a lot of my time and energy.The theme is now clear to me, the rest is variations on this past record of the last two months. The Village Board has met and has scheduled to meet with the various land use boards. There are further meetings scheduled when I hope all these concerns will be properly addressed.

But we are very far from being done. An undertaking of this sort is also in need of financial as well as moral support. The task at hand is an immense one, and time is of course very critical.

If you are interested and / or can provide financial support or are willing to donate your time to help in various duties, please contact me at: Lika@save-scarsdale.org.

Thank you all concerned citizens who have contacted me thus far, have written, have voiced your opinions, etc. Your support has been critical and crucial.

With your help, we will all be looking forward to a better Scarsdale !

If you have not done so already, please sign the petition to conserve Scarsdale.

Click here, to go to the web link


Cut and paste into your browser and forward to all friends and family, Scarsdale resident or not, this Village is beautiful enough to be conserved for all, forever !

If you have signed already, many thanks. Take another look at your list of friends and family and forward to all...

And of course, Happy July 4th ! 

What better way to celebrate than preserving and conserving

all that is dear to us this independence day in Scarsdale !

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