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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meeting with the Village Board August 13th, 2013

Dear Readers,

Here is the agenda as posted on the Village website for Tuesday August 13th,  meeting of the Law and Land Use Committees of the Village Board:


Village of Scarsdale

A Joint Meeting of the Law and Land Use Committees of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Scarsdale has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 6:00 PM.  The meeting will be held in the Third Floor Meeting Room located in Village Hall.
1.       Land Use/Zoning Regulations

A.   Set Backs
B.   FAR
C.   Lot Coverage
D.   Building Coverage
E.    Wetlands
F.    Bulk - Five Corners
Sensitive Drainage Areas

I was expecting a healthy dialogue, resident participation and all...Instead we had Liz Marrinan, the Village Planner, lecture us, trustees ask a couple of questions and residents make a couple of comments. It was very disappointing to say the least. 

Residents from Herkimer Road, Dell Road were in attendance in full force. Ms. Marrinan dismissed their concerns saying " It is only a couple of homes"... Why does she not want to understand if it is a couple of homes now, it will be much worse, later. We have to stop this now. We do not want those couple of homes either.

She seems to approve of all this McMansiom craze implicitly. Further she seems totally callous to residents' needs... We do not want huge homes, nor no land left.. She seems to bury us in numbers, and regulations whereas what we see plain and simple is a degradation of our life-style and our Village  as we have known it gone forever. 

Where is the setback at 8 Kent ? Or One Rectory Lane ? Or the huge homes on Crane Road ? 

All of those are a slap in the face of FAR or any other so called "regulation" we have....Here on Lockwood Road, I have neighbors building on an already small lot, up the road on Lockwood Road there is more building again on a small lot. If it goes like this, there will be no land left. Nor any place for my rabbits to live !

Ms. Marrinan is always very accommodating, and nice but she fails to understand the problem over and over again.

The Trustees have volunteered and accepted a job far too big for them to handle. They are crushed under the burden. They do not want to accept that. They can change the regulations so that they have less of a responsiblity, no they are not doing that either. 

I am very appreciative of all they are doing and I for one could not last a week having to do all they are doing... Just showing up for the bi-monthly meetings is task enough. Yet, they have all that and much, much, more... It is inhuman what our trustees have to do. And it shows...

They have had to rely more and more on the staff at Village Hall, and while our garbage gets picked up with some degree of professionalism ( you have heard about this before ), all else has been deteriorating... 

Serve the applicant, serve the builder, real-estate agent, raise taxes and forget the resident. Just what our code was set out to do, now it started to work in the totally opposite direction. Time to set things right again.... You think this board will rise up to the task ?....

They serve as trustees, they are on special committees: Look at all that they have to do:

They are supposed to attend the meetings of the BAR, the CHP, etc. as liasons but I have as yet to see any one of them attend these meetings. They want the honor of being a trustee, but the job is far more complicated, weighty than that. They are not serving us, they are not serving themselves. They have to delegate, they have to solve the problems. 

No, instead all we have been seeing board after board, is delay and delay and do nothing.

A new board comes on board and then the scenario repeats itself. At least let us not be delusional and keep telling ourselves " This is great "... No, nothing is great...Our system has been broken for a long, long time.

It is a sorry state. The developers, the real estate agents are all taking advantage of this black hole in our Village...

Build as much as you can, as quickly as you can while the resident is still helpless !

All years and years of planning, hours of resident volunteer service all going to nothing as we helplessly look on... When will this change ?