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Friday, September 27, 2013

Another mistake, coming up !!!

Dear Residents, Readers,

I attended part of the BAR meeting on  Monday, September 23rd, where 2-4 Weaver Street was discussed and 24 Herkimer prior to that. The BAR in its capacity to try to alter the esthetics did all it could to make those two homes on Dell and Rock Creek Lane look smaller... But they cannot alter the square footage. That is up to the Village Board, and the Board is still very unresponsive. After six months in office, they still have to meet with the Planning Board, they still have to enact laws to safeguard our Village.

2-4 Weaver Street is another disaster in the making. The VB is saying it's preferring residential use to commercial use, but we will end up with a huge boxy building -again- ! This is after One Palmer, after Heathcote Manor on Weaver Street, after One Depot Place, after Christie Place... One would think those were enough, I guess not.

The Trustees have tried hard, but they have to try harder.

The Trustees say the residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinion and many of them do, but the residents are finally disgusted with the process since there is no indication that our comments are being heard. Seems like Nazi Germany all over again. They do not listen to anyone !

To sell Village owned land for another monstrosity is not acceptable. To say that the owner could develop the property to make a commercial building is not acceptable. The only sensible and right solution is to change the zoning at 2-4 Weaver Street so that these kinds of big projects are not feasible any more. No, they are pretending this solution does not exist. I am very disappointed. All very capable men and women, many of them lawyers, residents with many years of experience and  the obvious is escaping them ! Why ? Because we need more ratables, more tax revenue... That is not an answer.

There is no end to that kind of rationale. Scarsdale will be covered with concrete all over and they will still want ratables. There is no satiating the appetite for tax revenue, but our Village landscape is deteriorating under their watch. It is the end for Scarsdale in the making - again !!!

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