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Monday, September 30, 2013


Dear Residents, Readers,

In Scarsdale we have resident volunteers who serve on our land use boards. Their actions are governed by the Village Code. Our board members listen to applicants as well as residents objecting or approving ( none of those recently...
)  and decide.

Lately, frequently the application reviews have been acrimonious and contentious. Too many projects are being deemed too big, too much, not in character, insensitive, etc.

A recent example is One Palmer that was scrutinized forever, through many boards. A resident Coalition, the Heathcote Coalition was formed and yet, a very able attorney herself Janet Bell, even said: "Lika, they ( the boards )  do not listen"... Similarly,  Millicent Kauffman of the Coalition was exasperated and said" Lika, we tried"...

And now, months later we have a huge monstrosity. They lost their only tenant, they went over Village land and had to pay penalties, they did not even conform to the plans they presented to the BAR. At the meeting on Wednesday night, September 25th, Trustee Brodsky said" We are working on it ( how to make good on all the bad they have caused... )  A frustrated resident herself victim to senseless development on Dell and Rock Creek Lane asked: "When is it going to get razed ? Nobody likes it. "

And now, you would think with 20/20 hindsight, the current application for 2-4 Weaver Street would be approached with sensitivity. No, plans for a residential building four times the size of One Palmer was in front of the BAR last week.

One Palmer

Depot Place

Depot Place Tower

Christie Place Condominiums

Heathcote Manor on Weaver Street
The Dance Studio on Sunday, September 29th,  2-4 Weaver, who needs a huge monster here ?????

The Planning Board Chair who had approved One Depot Place, herself admitted publicly that it was a mistake, that even she hated it. At the BAR meeting last Monday, the Chair himself this time admitted One Palmer was a mistake... How many more do we need ?

Time to acquire 2-4 Weaver by eminent domain, not to sell Village Land and give this town the park it deserves so much, after all these "mistakes " and abuse. Waste of our time, not needed aggravation... Why do they claim they are listening to us, when nothing is heard, nothing is done ?

Our zoning, our building laws have to be amended to reflect current environmental conditions and residents' needs. We all know the NY SEQRA is a joke and is decades behind the times.

Time for Scarsdale to wake up and act !

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