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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Mayor and Village Board of Trustees

   I am very appreciative if not in awe of the hard work our Mayor and Trustees put in to govern our Village. They are volunteer residents who have been elected for this job. Their terms are scattered so new trustees come on board in April, and a Mayor is elected every two years. They are on a revolving door basis whereas the professional staff has been serving the Village for years, sometimes decades.
They set policy, or so we think, the staff carries out their duties with their guidance.

However, the task of the Trustees is so burdensome, that I feel they are crushed under the burden. For example, when Mayor Flisser was in office, I would get answers to my e-mail via return e-mail, but now it is back to the old days, when even your e-mails remain unanswered, let alone our many requests, pleas.

I have been trying to draw attention to the "development" going on in our Village ever since Mayor Flisser days going back even further than that to 2009... Very little was done. I had every confidence this board would be different. They have now been in office since April, again very little, if nothing.

They have scheduled meetings. They have now met with the CHP, the BAR, the Planner. They will meet with the Board of Appeals. I hope they will also meet with the Planning Board. So far, nothing on the calendar.

They held a meeting about an "Open Space Fund" they wanted to institute. I sent my comments via e-mail, since I could not attend the meeting. My e-mail was not answered. I read about the meeting in the local newspaper and was dismayed and disappointed by the lack of initiative. They have referred the matter to the Scarsdale Forum and the League of Women Voters.... The Forum's Zoning and Planning Committee has submitted numerous reports to them urging for the importance of open space, etc. for years. I was part of such a report... No, pass the buck on, delay is again the norm. Very disappointing.

I finally last spring, decided to attend as many meetings of our boards as I could to gain a solid understanding of the processes. I attended meetings of the BAR, the CHP, the Planning Board, the Board of Appeals and the Village Board of Trustees.

I think this was very important, and very informative. If one does this for a two week period when all the boards are in session one gets an idea of what is involved. The whole scenario repeats itself, in the following weeks...

Nobody was doing this, however. If a trustee did this, he or she would understand "the disconnect"'s the residents, are all talking about...

The Planner, for example does not attend the BAR meetings nor the CHP meetings. The Manager does not attend any of these meetings. I know they are very busy during the week to attend night meetings when these meetings are held. But maybe they should have an afternoon or two off, so that they can attend these volunteer chaired, land use board meetings and hear from the residents. No, all week long they hear from the developer, the builder and the resident is the nay-sayer enemy... Bu it is the resident who pays the taxes, who truly owns this Village.

The Village Board members, as liaisons, are supposed to attend these meetings, but I have not seen them, since I assume they are so busy with all their duties, they hardly find time to do what they are required to do. Maybe this, they think is not that important. But these meetings are where the grieved residents are, and this is precisely where they should be, all the time, every time.

Thus, I think a review is urgently needed so that our elected officials and the staff finally do serve this Village and this Village gets the care it needs.

Otherwise look what is going on:

This is 73 North Chase Road: These big homes should not be allowed on plots a quarter of an acre or less...

On North Chase Road, a huge home, three stories high with no yard !

Right down the street, a typical one story home with plenty of yard...One an ugly monster, the other a beauty !

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