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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More meetings, more abuse of this land !

Every month the BAR ( the Board of Architectural Review )  meets twice to oversee plans for new homes, additions, etc. The CHP ( Committee for Historic Preservation ) similarly meets, you would think to preserve, no - to approve demolition of seemingly unworthy homes. They approve almost all homes to be demolished.

The Board of Appeals meets once. We heard from Mr. Matt Callaghan the only member of the BOA who showed up for the meeting with the trustees on September 25th. They review the application based on some antique criteria by the NY State who is all for development like it is, 1701 !

Last night the Trustees met to re-zone 2-4 Weaver Street, to clean up the zoning there to make way for the proposed sale of Village land to a huge monster---- Again ! Trustee Jon Mark read his prepared statement- again ! We all know once they make their mind, nothing is going to change the tune of the marching band ! They were in a hurry to get going...

Government by the people, for the people everywhere, against the people -  in Scarsdale !

We just received the agendas for the BAR and the CHP coming up in the next few weeks. Same old, same old. More destruction, more abuse of this beautiful town. Yes, our government is non-partisan but it is also non-functional !  They'll talk their way and listen their way to our destruction and annihilation !

Our administration seems equally incompetent. They wanted to charge for after hours parking now that there is life after 6 p.m., in the Village Center. Luckily, the Chamber of Commerce alerted them and said that would not make much business sense. Then we learn, further mismanagement: the Village is owed $ 720,000 in past due parking tickets and finally they hired a towing company and will tow repeat offenders. That was a problem last year when I attended the finance talks, glad to see something is being done. By the way, at $ 4,000 per home, per year tax for Village tax, this is like tax from 180 homes they did not collect...

Last Wednesday night, our Village Manager lamented overall population is down, student enrollment is down, even water accounts are apparently down. Well, people are leaving town, they are sick and tired of this unresponsive, greed and build government... And what are they proposing ? You would think they would listen and be receptive to resident comments... No, build: congest, clutter and crowd. In spite of resident opposition. What if they listened, and changed our laws so our streets would be preserved and would not become piles of clapboard and asphalt ? There would be trees, green, life ?...

They keep hiring consultants to advance their view of build, build and build: The Saltzman Cultural Resource Report, and the Village Center Report. What kind of a cultural resource is it, if it only preserves 68 out of about 6,000 homes ? Verisimilitude. You would think this is what they are doing, but it is the exact opposite. This seems the modus operandi for this Village: The CHP not preserving, the trustees eroding our trust. The Manager not managing, the planner not planning. Only the resident is doing his duty, voicing his or her opinion and then to be shut down, to be silenced. The resident is the nay saying enemy, and not the benefactor he or she truly is...

Yes, it is a short term solution, but a long term disaster. And if you think carefully, not even a short term solution. It is a disaster in the making. What do they care for long term consequences ? They will be gone and drawing on their pensions...

The resident volunteers are working part-time for no compensation, the developers, architects, the village staff full-time and for their bread and butter. The professionals are winning, advancing their cause and the volunteers are just gaping, hands tied. Doing nothing. Same story, different boards. Different very bored boards.

Our laws were written with everything in mind but an incompetent and incapable administration. Laws are written to be re-written. The zoning, the building laws could be changed if these are no longer serving the public. Case in point the Supreme Court recent decision regarding gay marriage. You have to move with the times... Not in Scaresdale... The typo is intentional and borrowed from a recent Halloween poster in our Village Center.

We have to evolve, adapt and adopt. Darwinian evolution theory applies here.

Scarsdale is an organic organism. It needs to change, evolve, adapt and be in step with the times. Where is our Mayor and the Board on this ? When will they show us they have been listening and they can act ? When will they show us they are worthy of the power bestowed on them, on the trust we have given them ?

Maybe next Village Board meeting.

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