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Thursday, April 17, 2014


I wrote this in April, 2014 and posting it now February 7, 2015.

Dear Readers,

You may have been wandering why I have not written since last year, in fact since December of 2013.

 Well, for a few reasons: a) I felt it was a good time to relax things for a while and see what happens,   b) I have had to travel abroad and c) other items on the agenda took precedence.

It was also the same movie over and over again. After a while attending all these meeting of the VB, the BAR, Planning Board and the ZBA you finally recognize a pattern and a theme and it becomes redundant to attend another meeting.

But in the last months I have travelled to Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey and Berlin in Germany. Unfortunately it is clear as a a blue sky who is winning and who is loosing in this " development " war. Istanbul is so built up that upon landing at JFK I marveled at the fact that I could see the sky... Further, the city is cramped and very congested. I wandered what would happen if there were a fire... In Scarsdale we have three fire stations for 20,000 people and in Istanbul for 12 Million people I have as yet to spot one fire station, let alone fire engines capable of extinguishing fires...

But I was pleasantly surprised to  notice a squirrel in Emirgan Park. My Dad said they were being reintroduced...

Antalya, is also crowded and lacks trees, green space. Its Mediterranean coast cluttered with high-rise buildings, hotels insulting the natural beauty. People just concerned with immediate returns rather than long term planning.

Berlin is another story of course: clean, orderly with no high-rises. All buildings three or four stories with a big park, Tiergarten about 640 acres ( smaller than Central Park in New York with its 840 acres )  in the middle of the city that we were told houses even foxes ! I travelled outside of the city and noticed areas of evergreen trees on either side of the road,  providing the needed oxygen, acting like the lungs of the area. In fact our guide told us Berlin is reputed to be one of the cleanest aired cities in Europe ! No wonder !

Scarsdale needs more trees, more open space, more green space.

I remembered how on another trip, years ago in France in St. Tropez there were fields set aside for agriculture next to million dollar villas. My husband was able to buy real roses with a scent we have forgotten here. France, you may know is the country that is most visited with third in tourist revenue in the world !
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