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Saturday, December 30, 2017

CHP Meeting Agenda for January 16th Meeting

This is the way, we "preserve" in Scarsdale. Schedule a meeting of the Committee for Historic Preservation and vote to have houses almost 100 years old demolished...

If a Committee deems its course ridiculous, since they could not preserve any houses and resigns, the Village Board appoints a more congenial board just as soon... New agents of destruction appear diligently performing their "civic" duty.

Even if the Committee deems a house historic, the VB often overturns their decision... In the meanwhile the perplexed and uninitiated think Scarsdale is protected with a "Committee for Historic Preservation"..

Committee for Historic Hypocrisy...

N.B. I support a demolition when and if, the land the house was on is returned back to nature, increasing wildlife habitat and green space. But no one, that I know of in my 26 years here, has done that yet..

This meeting is missing on the official Scarsdale.com site as of this writing. Wonder why ?...

It is not on the agenda... Still on December 31st at 10:42 a.m. EST.

Last revised 10:43 a.m. EST,  December 31, 2017.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A very short to do list for the VB for 2018

1. Make sure our character homes are preserved. Double standards are not allowed: One meeting declare it old, the other approve its demolition.. What is going on ?...

Order studies that you will honor. Tax payer money goes into studies. The study identifies the house, 12 Dolma as one that should be preserved, the BOT votes to raze it. Where is justice, where is consistency, where is fairness ?

12 Dolma, 53 Old Orchard as well as 7 Hamilton Road or smaller houses should be preserved. A house need not be huge or in the " Mansion" areas to be preserved.

2. Make sure big houses are not built on small lots. A lot that is a third of an acre or less, cannot support a house 7,500 or 9,500 square feet however you calculate it. Corner lots are especially vulnerable. Close the loop holes allowing for dormers to become living spaces.

3. All our roads need to be resurfaced. A home-owner paying $ 30,000 a year in taxes or more deserves to navigate on decent roads.

4. Re-upholster the chairs in the third floor meeting room. With a budget in the $ 50 Mil. range, I do not know why this is neglected.

Scarsdale Neighborhood Association Map

Scarsdale is divided into neighborhoods through which resident citizens can engage in civic matters.

Here is a map which you should have received in your mail along with the monthly calendar and activities for the year. Scroll right and left to see it all.

We receive this in August every year.

Scarsdale, the Beautiful: Iconic Homes

    I have been taking pictures of Scarsdale houses for such a long time, I had not realized it had been almost ten years since I took these pictures. I do not know if these houses are still standing, or the address of most of these, since no geo-tracking was possible on cameras at the time.

If you can identify these houses, your help will be acknowledged and appreciated.

If you want to submit your " Iconic Home", please feel free to do so as well.

All pictures, subject to this author's discretion will be published here, with the winning three identified. The winners will also be invited to tea at a mutually convenient day and time.

If you would like to submit your iconic house picture, please send me your picture at : Lika@Save-Scarsdale.org. Your picture will be posted along with name.

Here are some pictures  I took in 2008:

Brewster Road

ZBA Agenda for January 10, 2018

Here you are, this months' agenda of the slaughterhouse: Kill, murder, plunder in plain sight or site...

Watch for my application to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower in my backyard soon...

I bet that would get approved as well. As long as tax revenue increases... Who cares if Scarsdale is going to the dogs...

Friday, December 22, 2017

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and 2018

A backyard in Scarsdale, December 2017:

New England Cottontail rabbit

Our dear bunny in danger of loosing its home, thanks to the new monster invasive species of Homo Sapiens that has recently descended in Scarsdale and that is overtaking it.

All in the name of volunteer civic duty.

Go figure !

This from the NY DEC today:

DEC Continues Surveys for the New England Cottontail

New England cottontail
This winter, DEC staff  in the Capital Region (Region 4) will be surveying sites potentially used by the New England cottontail, which are listed as "special concern" in New York. They are also the only native cottontail in the state. Since New England cottontail do not hibernate, winter is a perfect time to collect pellet samples, which are then sent for DNA analysis. The pellets are easier to see on the snow, and the colder temperatures preserve DNA.
New England cottontail prefer dense, shrubby areas within forested habitats, which are scarce in New York due to development that destroys or fragments their habitat. While crawling through thick, often thorny brush isn't glamorous work, the monitoring efforts contribute valuable information about cottontail distribution. Results from last year's surveys identified New England cottontail at two sites, including a new site close to the newly acquired Doodletown Wildlife Management Area (WMA). NYS DEC’s Young Forest Initiative is helping to create much needed young forest thickets on WMAs for New England cottontail and a variety of other species.
Photo by Kat Lauer – Wildlife Technician 1, DEC Region 4

Monday, December 18, 2017

CHP December 26th Meeting Agenda

      Here we are the new agents of destruction while they call themselves members of the Committee for Historic Preservation. Beware of the one who calls himself or herself an "Angel"...

Planning Board Decisions for December 13th Meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

17 and 19 Tisdale Road Scarsdale

The sorry state of Scarsdale in two houses side by side as they stood this afternoon:

Curtesy of the Board of Trustees and the CNC !

When are you going to govern this town and stop abuse by the people of the people ?

No, they do not stop it, they do not step down nor do they plan any preemptive action. 

Until maybe it is too late. Until it is all, all too terrible. No soil, no empty space.

We are certainly getting there at lightning speed.

Planning Board Agenda for December 13, 2017 Meeting

Cut and divide Scarsdale...

BAR Decisions for the Monday December 11, 2017 Meeting

ZBA Decisions for December 6th, 2017 Meeting

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Freightway Steering Committee Work Session Tuesday December 5th, 2017

Here is the Committee listening to Frank Fish of BFJ Consultants:

Even Doug Brout developer of Christie Place and One Palmer sitting next to me, was visibly restless and bored at times. Still he waited till the end to leave.

Our Mayor also in attendance made the invaluable observation and only comment of the evening, that one of the attached pages attached to the " Redevelopment Principles for Freightway Site " handed out was a violation order that did not belong there. He suggested we tear out that page.

I do to know what the meeting achieved: The Consultants asked the Committee to approve the findings of the November 13 Public Workshop by Friday of this week, December 8th 2017 almost a month later. Maybe that says it all...

Once again we heard about the MTA and the Tappan Zee Bridge..

Heard the same thing over and over again. Just to say there were so many meetings of the Steering Committee. Maybe all was said and done in the first fifteen minutes I was not there.

I spoke with our Planner Liz about the Survey missing from the website. She said she will inquire and put it up on the website soon.

I congratulated Barbara Jaffe in attendance for her resignation from the CHP. Meeting adjourned at about 8:00 p.m.

The major issue of ingress, egress and regress to the site was not mentioned. 
Maybe they are planning a helicopter pad on top of the Garage.

This is the 2.38 acre site. There are two streets that open to it on the West: Freightway to the North and a little alley to its South, that does not even exist on maps. I could not find its name.

 Two people cannot walk side by side on this little alley. How is all this going to connect to the rest of the Village ?... Maybe we should talk about this at the next meeting.

Last revised 1:30 p.m. EST Wednesday December 6th, 2017.

BAR Agenda for Monday December 11, 2017

Who needs more new houses totally out of proportion ?

Remember the BAR mission statement:

You tell me if the latest new houses I have been posting on this site are in harmony with the neighboring community... How about totally jarring ?...

The BAR members need to wake up from their slumber and resign until proper preservation and conservation is instituted. Shuffling papers is not what we need.

Our trustees have been trusted to govern this town, but one decision one day, another the other day ( 12 Dolma), hiring consultants and ordering studies they will not honor is waste of resident dollars to beef up their resume. They were after all a "Scarsdale Trustee" or a "Mayor of Scarsdale"....

Use and abuse in the name of civic duty, only in Scarsdale. 

Very Scaresdale...

First revised 10:46 EST Wednesday, December 6 2017.

Monday, December 4, 2017

23 Innes Road

This is the ad in the Inquirer for the new 23 Innes Road:

Go figure: 9,582 square feet on .5 of an acre...

Our water with Giardia and Cryptosporidium

This is from the notice we received once again with our water bill:

From above:

The December 17, 2016 cryptosporidium result was 0.02 cysts/liter and not zero !

The January 24, February 14, March 7 and May 4, 2017 results indicate presence of giardia less than 0.06 cysts/liter. Again not zero.

The trouble with these  parasitic organisms is that they exist in the body until they multiply and reach untenable levels and cause disease. Any amount is undesirable since in the human body which acts as a favorable host, they will multiply.

The County failed in keeping up their cleanliness protocol, instead we get to pay higher water rates and risk getting sick. I for one switched to bottled water. Thank you Scarsdale.

The County should reimburse each household: 5,000 of us in Scarsdale for our water expense at $ 100 a month for the last three years or so instead of giving us free rain barrels... Sorry Astorino!

That is : 5,000 x 100 x12 x3=  $ 18 Million.

Friday, December 1, 2017

End of the Non-Partisan system in Scarsdale

The latest fiasco in the 12 Dolma situation showcased all the shortcomings of the Non-Partisan system:

1. Volunteers serving on the BOT reversed themselves. What once they deemed historical, they decided was not so, due to hardship. By extension this now means any other property owner can claim same, thus preserving nothing. This is clearly wrong.

2. Resident volunteers working part-time are no longer qualified or able to handle all the tasks of the BOT. Just look at their agenda, or watch the televised sessions. One gets exhausted just watching them ! How can they make sound decisions ?... One cant't run around with a 200 pound gorilla on his or her back. Their task is just as daunting.

3. The system ceased working about twenty years ago. Till then, the tasks were manageable. But now, the world is moving at Twitter pace, Scarsdale cannot be on a horse-buggy.

I propose the following:

1. First stop the carnage. Institute an immediate moratorium. Clean up house, revise code.

2. The current BOT, if they choose to do so should elect and appoint a new interim Board to oversee this over-haul from a resident volunteer non-partisan system to a professional board. Like in every other town in the States. I do not know of any other town that runs on this resident volunteer, non-professional system. Do you ?

3. The quicker the change, the better. Time we realized this system is broke.
Instead of serving us this is hurting us !

Last revised 1:33 p.m. Wednesday December 6th, 2017.

All CHP Members have now resigned ! REJOICE ! REJOICE !!!!

This from the lovely Scarsdale10583.com site published November 27th, 2017:

Joanne you are wonderful too !

Finally ! Congratulations to all of you members of the CHP ! You are my stars !!!

Shall we see this town finally preserved ? Do I hear a certain real estate developer starting to pack ?... And  others joining him ?

Beautiful Scarsdale !

It is a wonderful world, all the more wonderful today !!!

Meetings for week of December 4th, 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CHP Decisions for November 21, 2017 Meeting

Here are the results of the last CHP meeting before the Chair and four members resigned.

Nobody knows what is next... I think we need a five year moratorium to clean up house and institute real government, not a case by case rule of the wild.

Plunder and conquer has to stop. This town needs people who can govern consistently and fairly.

BAR Agenda and decisions for Monday November 27th meeting

Here we are:

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Interesting that Scarsdale10583.com does not even know how to count or can't edit own articles.

For clarity: It is the Chairman and four members of the CHP who have resigned, her article heading says: Chairman and five members...go Google to see it. For obvious reasons I am no longer providing links.

Chair: William Silverman

Members: Alan Steinfeld
                 John Cromwell
                 David Peck
                 Abigail Olsen

Barbara Jaffe did not sign this letter even though she publicly expressed frustration. I guess she wants to be in two camps at once.

Joyce Hirsch was absent I was told.

Other comments on the Scarsdale10583 site follow suit and  various levels of propriety... A local developer for example seems very angry... Wonder why.

On my site, all errors are mine and solely mine. If pointed out, I shall gladly correct such error(s).

On the Village's website you can watch the whole proceeding during the November 14, 2018 meeting and watch Mayor Hochvert read the  convoluted, resolution which lasted 19:45. 19 minutes 45 seconds. Our Village Manager Steve Pappalardo feels sorry for him at one point, and hands over a plastic cup of water.

All this reminds me of a song: " You lived your life, like a candle in the wind". Was written for Marilyn Monroe. Today it applies to Scarsdale soon to be Slums-dale courtesy of our Non-Partisan  system: short sighted, unprincipled management. Sell away Scarsdale.

All mechanisms exist to prevent our town from becoming polluted like this and all is being maneuvered to cater to short-sighted greed.

Welcome to this America: Land of the free and greedy !

In the same meeting at the Public Comment session two ladies get up for their report on TAP.

They are required to disclose their address in Scarsdale during this public comment session. One of them Dale Khan ( not sure of the spelling ) does not even give her address, but says she uses a P.O. Box. 146 for the record. May be like Eudora Welty. At that point I turned off the screen.

Who wants to hear a report from somebody living in a mailbox ? Not willing to disclose her dwelling in Scarsdale ?...

Scarsdale or Slumsdale...You decide. Better still: Sorry-dale.

18 Heathcote is still growing. Having just seen the Taj Mahal, I would say it is heading that way. Though the Taj has a huge front garden. This one, per our town planner: Screening. So that they can have their 15,000 or more square foot dwelling. Sky is no l longer the limit. The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate... Go figure. Scarsdale is certainly trying to keep pace.

Last revision 6:45 a.m. EST, Saturday November 25, 2017.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to you all !

For the past few weeks I was traveling overseas and trying remotely to cover the news here in Scarsdale. So, I was not aware of what was brewing. Of course I was upset that 12 Dolma got the demolish approval last week from our Board ( the very Bored and totally useless )  Board of Trustees...We trusted them, but hey have not been trustworthy. Destroying our Village at every meeting, not paying attention to our letters, not paying attention to anything but their own power trips. Abuse of power at its best.

Anyway, good news hit me fast. Catherine Ferris from the Scarsdale Inquirer contacted me yesterday via e-mail to ask me to call her since she wanted to do a story on the CHP members resigning Tuesday night. Could not believe my eyes ! Finally there was justice, finally CHP members were doing something worthy of this beautiful, historic Village.

Catherine wanted my views on this subject, we talked for a little while. I am looking forward to reading her story tomorrow.

I then talked to Barbara Jaffe a member of the CHP, who did not resign... Why I do not understand. Another member was abroad, but four others signed Chair William Silverman's letter which is posted on the Scarsdale10583.com site. Joanne did a story on this for those wishing to read it.

Congratulations and Bravo to the CHP Chair and Members:

William Silverman, Chair
David J. Peck
John Cromwell
Alan Seinfeld
Abigail Olson

This Thanksgiving I am very grateful indeed to you !

Joyce Hirsch was out of town apparently, but no excuse she could have contributed.

Now, what next ? I called our Mayor Dan Hochvert, he has not returned my call yet.

I think there should be a five year moratorium on all building applications. No more applications can come through Village Hall until this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the residents who care for this Village.

Developers and real estate agents move elsewhere. You have defaced and destroyed our Village enough. I am disappointed and outraged but hope we can resolve this matter for the better.

All land use boards should follow the CHP example and  resign: the ZBA, Planning, the BAR and members of the VB who cannot govern. Serve for once, protect this Village, do not destroy it.

We need real people, real professionals who can govern.

Volunteers serve but are not accountable. Therefore they only serve themselves. This is not right, this is enough.

Just drive on Post Road from White Plains to Scarsdale, observe the empty lots. Observe the houses that were demolished and the subdivisions waiting to happen. The Planner was telling me years ago, that there were no more subdivisions, no more empty lots. I guess she does not know Scarsdale enough.  Time too take a walk.

I hope to see a plan to protect this Village soon. I will serve, if they elect me on an overseer capacity.

This is not Zimbabwe. Even Mugabe is gone !

We have to protect this Village and elect officials who will serve us.

Last revised Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 23rd at 11:15 a.m.

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda for December 6th, 2017

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, more abuse of our town: