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Monday, January 30, 2017

Government in Scarsdale

Here, as I see it are the problems with our town:

1. The Non-Partisan system that is the underlying mechanism, is old. Needs to be modernized to fit our  needs and our lives in 2017. Just like our Mayor drives a 10 year old Volvo, and not a 40 year old Volvo. We need a better car to navigate. ( Of course to navigate our streets we need an SUV, but let us not go there for now).

2. The system depends on resident, volunteer participation to run it as well as to oversee it. This does not work any more. Nobody has that kind of time any more.

3. The system is a "volunteer" based system. Volunteers "serve"... They do not get paid. When people are not monetarily compensated, question marks arise as to possible motivations. The door is left ajar for possible allegations, wrongdoing.  The basis for Article 78 proceeding on the Ryan revaluation. There is no free lunch, once again. As always.

4. The system is further laced with secrecy at a couple of levels:

      a. The Village Board holds open meetings, but you are not permitted to talk, they hold open meetings but they go into executive session. So, once again closed doors policy. Secrecy leads to speculation to question marks to murky waters. The resident feels stifled. There is no chance to talk, to communicate. We are supposedly "heard" at Village meetings, but there is no conversation, no dialogue. Just a soliloquy of the aggrieved resident. Not pretty ! Not democratic !

     b. The underlying mechanisms, the Forum, the CNC and the Procedure Committee's ways of conducting business are again secrets. Why ? Because they cannot get anybody to serve. Because these organizations are falling apart and they do not want to admit it publicly. Because there is in-breeding, one feeds to another. The husband on the Village Board, the wife on the Procedure Committee or vice versa or any other combination thereof among interested parties with some kind of monetary or legal connection that leads to speculation...

       Inbreeding does not produce healthy off spring. It does not here either. You need fresh, diverse DNA in your gene pool, as well as in the individuals who serve.

    These individuals do not want to reveal how precarious their situation truly is. They want to hold on to the secrecy to make it seem like... They are afraid to reveal anything. They hold on to the little power they have like a life jacket. Inspite of years of criticism, they are still not revealing. They had promised major changes in the Procedure Committee and such, only to buy time until the next election. Who are you fooling ?...

       Who are the  Procedure Committeee members ? But they somehow get tree-hugger Lena Crandall to be their president...So, she advances their case. Lena serves. They hide. Use and abuse. Familiar theme, anyone ?...

P.S. If you are now questioning my motive, in doing so without compensation, here is the answer: I am not doing this without compensation. For me, it is payback time to  the country that gave me back my life and to so many of you who made that life possible. I am, among others, thanking the consular official in Istanbul, who for one last time stamped that visa on my passport and like a defibrillator gave me life again.

   Of course, I am also selfish. I think those huge houses on tiny lots are unsightly, if not ugly. I think it is a shame that those beautiful, old houses with such character are being demolished instead of being lovingly taken care of. Many residents agree. They do not have the time or the energy to deal with this. Right now for a little while, I do.

   On another level, having studied nature all my life, I cannot bear to witness such flagrant abuse and do nothing.

   Let me leave you with an example of nature's beauty:

Ranunculus, from my home in Scarsdale, this morning.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

26 Rectory Lane - New House Being Built

http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/26-Rectory-Ln_Scarsdale_NY_10583_M38821-34724Click here.

7,500 sq.ft home on 1/3 of an acre !!! Curtesy of Lee Handler of Outstanding Homes of Scarsdale.

This is way too big... There is abuse on corner lots especially and everywhere else.

Our Planner is still saying our FAR laws are adequate. I beg to differ and disagree. Our FAR rules need immediate and urgent revision.

This is not acceptable. Our zoning and building laws and code have to be changed immediately.

The assault on the environment, drainage pipes.

Guess who is marketing it ? Looks familiar. ?..If you can't bend it...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

28 Garden Road, New House

On my way to Cushman Road and back from Cushman Road, I was admiring the beautiful home at  28 Garden Road currently being built and with a "For Sale" sign.

I liked it so much, I stopped on the way back from Cushman. A "Twin Oaks Painting" truck was in front of the garage.

I walked around took the following pictures. I pried open the door intrigued by the exquisite exterior. Well, who was there but no other than good old ( though he is young ) David Fenton with a real estate agent. He said to make me happy, he used old, authentic, salvaged material: the banister, the ceiling, etc.

This house is on 1.5 acres with plenty of space around it...

It all looked breathtaking. He promised he would take me on a personal tour. I can't wait !

Cushman Road, Empty Lots

Here we are, this is the scene on Cushman Road this Thursday afternoon January 26th, 3:15 p.m.

Remember I had an entry on it way back in 2103 when I was so upset it was going to be "developed"...Look right here on this blog, under May 2103.

This was my comment on the Scarsdale10583.com site in May 2013:

Yeah, finish development forever and ever in Scarsdale and in the whole world. We have done enough damage already.

Enough development in Scarsdale. Let them all go to Greenwich, CT. That is where they live, right ? Or, Scottsdale Arizona or Texas...

Would a healthy person write his/ her own death sentence ? This is just the same thing. If you need explanation please call me at 722-0004. We'll be up to our necks in water, and the Planning Board, our resident volunteers, will still be reviewing applications for " development " in wetlands and telling me to take it up with the Trustees. God help us !

Volunteer at a nature preserve, take a hike in a park, and then go to Manhattan. Let me know what makes you feel better. Look at the eyes of that bunny in your yard and tell him, his home will be axed and tell him you are not lifting a finger. Let asphalt and concrete cure you.

Study nature, Physics a little... Marvel at all of this, the divine, the sublime. If you need help, let me know.

Socrates said this:

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.

Be well, happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

Now, all trees are gone. House is gone. The street that was there is gone. Even the developer has a new name: KOSL Building. To remind him of me ?...

This is from their website: Click here, please.

  • Prices of new single-family homes in Scarsdale range between 3-15 million dollars based on public surveys, and taxes published by the local municipally.
  • The areas have proven to be recession proof over the last 30 years. Prices went up 30% during the prosperous years, and went down only 5% during the recession years.
  • The areas’ school systems are consistantly ranked among the top 10 in the country.
  • The towns are located about 25 miles from midtown Manhattan with express public transporation and three highways.

English anybody ?  Spell check ? Typos ?... Let me help you a little: Municipality, consistently, transportation...

I heard Mr. Ben Simon has complimented me and called me "crazy woman". Yeah, I am "crazy" for the beauty of nature, for this wonderful country.

Did I say, cash cow ? How about cash gargantuans, like you have never seen before ? This is a totally  new breed.

All there is on Cushman Road, is this at the Scarsdale border with White Plains:

What is going on here I wonder under so many stones clearly the developer KOSL does not want anyone to go there...Hiding something ? 

Deer used to roam here, I was told by a neighbor in 2013.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

15-17 Circle Road, Empty Lots

Here we are another blight:

Two empty lots after an old house was demolished in 2013.

And my e-mail to Mr. David Fenton:

On Jan 22, 2017, at 5:28 PM, I wrote:

Mr. Fenton,

I invite you to develop this property into a park and donate it in perpetuity to the Overhill Association and to Scarsdale. We certainly need some green space where we feel so congested.

Wouldn't it be just the right gesture for a green company like Twin Oaks ? Weren't you going to do just that ?

In fact a wildflower, wildlife preserve with meandering walkways among tall evergreens would be nice.


The Morning After

Yeah, a good night's sleep changes things.

They had asked me if I wanted to run for Trustee a long time ago. I declined.

Do I look like I want to commit suicide right there in front of everyone, in front of live cameras being streamed into all homes in Scarsdale ? I get tired if not exhausted on the odd evening I watch them on tv. I can't watch beyond 10 minutes. It is all beyond me.

Who wants this impossible job ? They have so much to do it is daunting.

They looked like they were burning at the stake when they came to sit down in their seats. They were uncomfortable, troubled. They wanted to end the meeting as soon as possible and go home. One more meeting to endure, before it is all over. This is not working. Have the courage, the leadership to change.

Our Mayor at the meeting said he drives a ten year old Volvo. He does not drive a 40 year old Volvo, right ? Nobody in his or her right mind does. It simply does not go any more. You trade it in or donate it. This is like trying to drive a 40 year old Volvo. It does not go anywhere and belongs in the dump site.

Look here what the Trustees have to do: Click here, please.

They have to do all this. Do they do it ? No. Does anyone check on them ? No. Does anything get done ? No. Do they legislate ? No.

Do they bring on Article 78 proceedings on the Village ? Yes. How many ?  Mr. Esannason has sill not told me.

Soldatenko was there. He told me he has still two outstanding. Still after years... How much tax-payer's money going into this ? Instead of our roads. Some responsible spending.

Last night, about half way through the meeting Mayor Mark jokingly commented "OK, now we can go home". Yeah, I wanted to go home too. I never wanted to get out of the house in the dark at 7:45 p.m. to go to another Village Hall meeting. I made myself, because that is the only way here.

It should not be, this is wrong. Too much burden on the resident. Who has the time, the energy ? Look how many resident were in attendance. Maybe this worked in 1909. It does not work any more.

Throw the NP system out the window. It has not worked in ages. There is a reason nobody else has our system. Legislate a system like any other town in the USA. Take the burden off of our shoulders. You like the non-partisan candidates fine. But have professionals work. Residents cannot. Not in 2017. The world is a different place. Evolve or dissolve !

I am sure Mayor Jon Mark wanted to go home. I don't blame him. He was exhausted. They had another meeting before this one at 6:30 p.m. which we were not allowed to attend. ( Some "open meetings" in Scarsdale... Whenever they have something sensitive to discuss they close the doors.. ) So, what good is attending these meetings ? You get to hear the doctored version. Government by the people, for the people, anyone ?...

When the odd resident comes and questions them at Village Hall, they delay. They do not answer. There is no conversation. No dialogue. How can we communicate if they will not talk to us ? How are we going to get out of this ? One hundred Article 78's ?..

Pretty soon Mayor Mark will step down and we will have to deal with the next lame duck. Unless, Mayor Mark you finally deliver. You change all this. Senior Counsel at Cahill Gordon. I am sure you can do it. Everyone had very high hopes for you. Time to deliver.

Seth Ross was in the audience. Looking perplexed, worried, disturbed. Do you really want to get up there and volunteer for this impossible task ? Is this worth it ? Do you want to have to listen to me, possibly, again and again ?...

Trustee Callaghan you looked happy. You looked like you were enjoying yourself. I did not agree with you and I still don't when you approved so many applications on the ZBA and no one would listen for my appeal to no more development. I had even received a stern letter from Mr. Esannnason, at the time. But now, I think even he agrees with me. This is not right. This is enough.

You need complete overhaul. Moratorium, revision, change. Use all the guns. Invent guns. You need them.

Laws are written to be rewritten. Do it. Now. Before Scarsdale goes to the dogs.

If you do not believe me just try to walk on 60-62 Old Orchard Lane. Feel crushed between the McMansions. Or walk on Brown Road and wonder if those houses are not made of them card-board gifts to us, curtesy of a certain Scarsdale developer.

Or on Circle Road, curtesy of another Scarsdale developer. Two empty lots for the past three years. I hear he will donate the land for a park there, for all of us...

N.B. This is internet publishing. I reserve the right to alter this or any other post at any time I so choose. Nothing is set in stone. Only my determination for a better Scarsdale in America.

This is not Scarsdale in Turkey. Thank goodness for that !

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Village Board Meeting, January 24th, 2017 8:00 p.m.

Finally home after the meeting at 10:00 p.m.

Emily Hirsch honored. Mayor Mark talked for about 20 minutes about her.

Former Mayor Flisser donated a bench that will be put in the right of way in front of her store "Candy 'n Cards" etc., etc. Who needed a reminder of the Flisser years, or the Steves or the Stevens years ?... But we had such high hopes for her term. One more disappointment to be added to all others. She was going to change all...Nothing happened. More time for the developers to continue their scavenger hunt.

Then there was talk  about Communications and  Village website promotion. The website has been up for months and now finally they talk about it...Who needs a lesson on how to navigate it ? Do you wish we are all from the Stone Age ? All you have to do is type in "Welcome" in the search field. Well, that is certainly very intuitive. Thank you Trustee Veron. Ever so politically correct. Isn't she cute ?

Then there was the public comment session.

Many people got up and talked about the Ryan reval. Mayra Kirkendall-Rodriguez spoke.
Her husband Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez spoke.

I got up, spoke. Read my e-mail to Mayor Mark about how he has a Lamborghini at his disposal and he is not getting off his tricycle. I changed it from the bike on the e-mail. He corrected me and said he drives a 10 year old Volvo. That was all the answer I got. To all my e-mails. It is not acceptable.

We need to have a conversation. We need to have proper government.

Impeachment anyone ? What recourse do we have ? How are we going to remedy this ?

Good news: 12 Dolma will be preserved.

Trustees Callaghan, Finger and Veron recused themselves citing personal or professional conflicts of interests Joanne Wallenstein is reporting on Scarsdale10583.com. I heard their names too, but things were going so fast I could hardly pay attention, let alone take good notes.

Do we have to fight like this each time there is a valued home ? The statement for Dolma took another 15 minutes, it seemed. Why did he have to read it ? We could have gotten it in writing, it could have been put in the record and that would have allowed for 15 minutes of conversation about so many items that needed to be addressed. No, waste our time. Waste their time.

Adding this on January 31st: I feel I have to add there was so much resentment, so much anger when Mayor Mark started reading off of his notes on Dolma... People just started leaving in droves, in utter disbelief at who was representing them and what was going on.

They could not believe it. How could he be so callous, so utterly out of sync with his constituents ? Fellow residents, like him ? Like the Grand Canyon between us... How sad, how terrible, how shameful Mayor Mark.

They walked out. I walked out. We talked.They were civil, nice. They said why can't they enact laws ? If they cannot govern, why don't they resign, all of them effective immediately ? Like Albanese ? Many who had spoken earlier had asked for her resignation or early retirement.

Nannette stood right at the door with Paul Sved right next to her. One step in one step out it seemed. Not sure, where she belongs. Clearly distressed.

As they say "Get out of the kitchen, if you can't stand the heat"...

The job of a Trustee, Mayor is too much. They are crushed, we are crushed. We need complete overhaul of our system. The NP system has been sick for too long now.

Read the Scarsdale10583.com for better coverage. Joanne does a much better job covering all the details. Thank you Joanne ! Good night !

Pray for better government in Scarsdale !

Monday, January 23, 2017

Committee for Historic Destruction

This committee in Scarsdale is known as Committee for Historic Preservation.

Yeah, nothing is what it seems like in Scarsdale. Volunteers do not volunteer, but line up their pockets, for the most part. There are the few who do volunteer but most just attend the meetings like a robot would, shuffle paper and are even seen dozing off right there at the meeting in front of residents and even cameras...

Look at the list of houses the CHP, has preserved below: Next to none. The ones that were denied have mostly applied to the VB and gotten their decision reversed. Who said all that glitters is not gold ?

Rob the innocent, the tired, the honest all in the name of civic duty. Only in Scarsdale.

Here below, the devastation documented. Who can call themselves Committee for Historic Preservation and deceive the resident to such an extent ? Only in Scarsdale.

Here are the residents "serving"...


Members of the Committee for Historic Preservation are appointed to serve 3-year terms for a maximum of 2 terms. The Chair of the Committee for Historic Preservation is appointed to a 1-year term. Current members of the Committee for Historic Preservation are: 

  • William Silverman, Chair 
  • Joyce Hirsch 
  • Barbara Jaffe
  • Abigail Olsen
  • David Peck
  • Michael D. Schwarz
  • Alan Steinfeld 
  • John Cromwell, Alternate
  • Eric Rothschild, Ex-Officio Member, Village Historian
  • Lucas Meyer, Ex-Officio Member, Associate Village Historian
  • Jonathan Lerner, Ex-Officio Member, Associate Village Historian

Thank you our Non-Partisan system. I wonder who you are serving...

Meetings & Decisions

September 20, 2016
  • 1 Ogden Rd. Demo approved
  • 28 Lawrence Rd. Demo approved
  • 12 Dolma Rd. Held Over
June 28, 2016
  • Meeting Cancelled
May 17, 2016

  • 6 Crest Lane - Demolition approved
  • 11 Continental Road - Demolition approved
  • 6 Cambridge Road - Demolition approved
April 19, 2016
  • 117 Brown Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Rural Drive - Demolition approved 
March 15, 2016
  • 19 Tunstall Road - Demolition approved
February 16, 2016
  • 96 Morris Lane - Demolition approved
  • 30 Wynmor Road - Demolition approved
  • 19 Tunstall Road - Must resubmit (improper notification)
January 19, 2016 - Meeting Canceled

December 22, 2015
  • 61 Franklin Road - Demolition approved
  • 20 Claremont Road - Demolition approved
  • 14 Reimer Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Burgess Road - Demolition approved
November 17, 2015
  • 14 Reimer Road - Must resubmit
  • 7 Meadow Road - Demolition approved
  • 3 Edgewood Road - Demolition approved
  • 61 Franklin Road - Withdrawn
  • 35 Brookby Road - Demolition approved
  • 85 Penn Boulevard - No vote
  • 2 Garden Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Burgess Road - Improper notification
October 20, 2015
  • 24 Tunstall Road - Demolition approved
September 29, 2015
  • 146 Fox Meadow Road - Demolition approved
  • 27 Murray Hill Road - Demolition approved
  • 23 Shawnee Road - Demolition approved
  • 32 Fenimore Road - Demolition approved
  • 153 Nelson Road - Demolition approved
  • 41 Olmsted Road - Demolition denied
  • 60 Carthage Road - Demolition approved
July 21, 2015
  • 21 Rectory Lane - Demolition approved
  • 110 Brewster Road - Demolition approved
  • 30 Tunstall Road - Demolition approved
  • 56 Hampton Road - Demolition approved
  • 11 Carstensen Road - Demolition denied
  • 1023 Post Road - Demolition denied
  • 1025 Post Road - Demolition approved
June 16, 2015
  • 66 Brookby Road - Demolition approved
  • 117 Fox Meadow Road - Demolition approved
May 19, 2015
  • 52 Edgewood Road - Demolition approved
  • 21 Rodney Road - Demolition approved
  • 50 Graham Road - Demolition approved
  • 138 Fox Meadow Road - Demolition approved
April 21, 2015
  • 16 Fenimore Road - Demolition approved
  • 43 Harvest Dr. - Demolition approved
  • 31 Murray Hill Road - Demolition approved
  • 257 Fox Meadow Road - Demolition approved
  • 69 Mamaroneck Road - Demolition approved
  • 21 Rural Dr. - Demolition approved
March 17, 2015
  • 49 Carthage Road - Demolition approved
  • 37 Murray Hill Road - Demolition approved
  • 241 Rock Creek Road - Demolition approved
February 17, 2015
  • 49 Graham Road - Demolition approved
  • 15 Donellan Road - Demolition approved
  • 33 Oxford Road - Demolition approved
  • 9 Birch Lane - Demolition approved
January 20, 2015
  • 1 Paddington Road - Demolition approved
December 30, 2014 - Meeting cancelled

November 18, 2014
  • 42 Huntington Avenue - Demolition approved
  • 3 Bradford Road - Demolition approved
  • 9 Wakefield Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Paddington Road - No show at meeting
October 21, 2014
  • 22 Ridgedale Road - Demolition approved
  • 18 Heathcote Road - Demolition approved
September 16, 2014
  • 109 Carthage Road - Demolition approved
  • 45 Penn Boulevard - Demolition approved
  • 361 Heathcote Road - Demolition approved
  • 4 Brookline Road - Demolition approved
  • 33 Stratton Road - Demolition approved
  • 157 Brewster Road - Demolition approved
August 19, 2014
  • 2 Lincoln Road - Demolition approved
  • 109 Carthage Road - Must resubmit
  • 29 Fairview Road - Demolition approved
  • 11 Black Hawk Road - Demolition approved
  • 12 Willow Lane - Demolition approved
  • 40 Sage Terrace - Demolition approved
July 15, 2014
  • 7 Stonehouse Road - Demolition approved
  • 21 Greenacres Avenue - Demolition approved
  • 18 Kelwynne Road - Demolition approved
  • 12 Wynmor Road - Demolition approved
  • 4 Bethal Road - Demolition approved
  • 19 Crossway - Demolition Approved
  • 56 Brite Avenue - Demolition approved
June 17, 2014
  • 3 Edgewood Road - Demolition approved
  • 15 Ardmore Road - Demolition approved
  • 1025 Post Road - Demolition denied
  • 23 Rural Drive - Demolition approved
  • 17 Oxford Road - Demolition approved
May 20, 2014
  • 3 Seneca Road - Demolition approved
  • 22 Montrose Road - Demolition denied
  • >5 Seneca Road - Demolition approved
  • >8 Ardmore Road - Demolition approved
  • >31 Paddington Road - Demolition approved
April 23, 2014
  • 18 Coralyn Road - Demolition approved
  • 17 Harvest Drive - Demolition approved
  • 8 Ardmore Road - Demolition must resubmit
March 18, 2014
  • 9 Olmsted Road - Demolition approved
  • 40 Hampton Road - Demolition approved
  • 20 Meadow Road - Demolition approved
February 18, 2014
  • 4 Weaver Street - Demolition approved
  • 23 Farragut Road - Demolition approved
  • 22 Birchall Drive - Demolition approved
January 21, 2014
  • 2 Weaver Street
  • 23 Farragut Road - Meeting postponed due to weather
December 17, 2013
  • 20 Lenox Place - Demolition approved
  • 47 Lincoln Road - Demolition approved
  • 2 Herkimer Road - Demolition approved
November 19, 2013
  • 8 Heathcote Road - Demolition denied
  • 147 Bradley Road - Demolition approved
October 15, 2013
  • 11 Rural Drive - Demolition approved
  • 16 Montrose Road - Demolition approved
  • 18 Heathcote Road - Demolition approved
  • 53 Lincoln Road - Demolition approved
September 17, 2013
  • 8 Birch Lane - Demolition approved
  • 10 Richbell Road - Demolition approved
  • 134 Brite Avenue - Demolition approved
August 20, 2013
  • 66 Stratton Road - Demolition approved
  • 81 Spier Road - Demolition approved
July 16, 2013
  • 11 Springdale Road - Demolition approved
  • 1159 Post Road - Demolition approved
  • 239 Fox Meadow Road - Demolition denied
June 18, 2013
  • 15 Circle Road - Demolition approved
  • 22 Murray Hill Road - Demolition denied
May 21, 2013
  • 50 Harvest Drive - Demolition approved
  • 24 Herkimer Road - Demolition approved
  • 5 Burgess Road - Demolition approved
  • 7 Lebanon Road - Demolition approved
  • 15 Circle Road - Held over
April 16, 2013
  • 190 Brewster Road - Demolition approved
  • 25 Innes Road - Demolition approved
  • 23 Broadmoor Road - Demolition approved
  • 18 Drake Road - Demolition approved
  • 45 Cushman Road - Demolition denied
  • 31 Wynmor Road - Demolition approved
March 19, 2013
  • 190 Brewster Road - Held over
February 26, 2013
  • 4 Windmill Circle - Demolition approved
  • 55 Greendale Road - Demolition approved
  • 235 Rock Creek Lane - Demolition approved
  • 119 Cushman Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Woodland Road - Demolition approved
  • 15 Herkimer Road - Demolition approved
December 18, 2012
  • 25 Cooper Road - Demolition approved
November 20, 2012
  • 31 Stratton Road - Demolition approved
  • 53 Penn Boulevard - No notification; must resubmit
October 16, 2012
  •  73 Chase Road - Demolition approved
  • 96 Morris Lane - Demolition approved
  • 25 Vanderbuilt Road - Demolition approved
  • 15 Kelwynne Road - Demolition approved
September 18, 2012
  • 13 Dickel Road - Demolition approved
  • 21 Vanderbilt Road - Demolition approved
  • 36 Garden Road - Demolition approved
  • 217 Rock Creek Lane - Demolition approved
August 21, 2012
  • 7 Harvest Drive - Demolition approved
  • 1 Rectory Lane - Demolition approved
July 17, 2012
  • 20 Parkfield Road - Demolition approved
June 19, 2012
  • 18 Stonewall Lane - Demolition approved
  • 11 Dickel Road - Demolition approved
  • 346 Heathcote Road - Demolition approved
  • 6 Carstensen Road - Demolition approved
  • 8 Kent Road - Demolition approved
  • 64 Fayette Road - Demolition approved
May 15, 2012
  • 9 Hamilton Road - Demolition denied
  • 12 Fairview Road - Demolition approved
  • 7 Wakefield Road - Demolition approved
  • 8 Wakefield Road - Demolition approved
  • 118 Spier Road - Demolition approved
  • 34 Wayside Lane - Demolition approved
  • 346 Heathcote Road - Failed to appear
April 17, 2012
  • 10 Ogden Road - Demolition approved
  • 9 Stonehouse Road - Demolition approved
  • 9 Hamilton Road - Held over
  • 16 Cambridge Road - Demolition approved
  • 10 Richbell Road - Withdrawn
  • 50 Brookby Road - Demolition approved
March 20, 2012
  • 14 Stratton Road - Demolition approved
  • 7 Old Lyme Road - Demolition approved
  • 4 Jefferson Road - Demolition approved
  • 3 Meadow Road - Demolition approved
  • 3 Sherbrooke Road - Demolition approved
February 28, 2012
  • 101 Sheldrake Road - Demolition approved
January 17, 2012
  • 101 Sheldrake Road - No quorum, applicant to resubmit
November 15, 2011
  • 11 Wynmor Road - Demolition approved
October 18, 2011
  • 4 Colonial Road - Demolition approved
  • 339 Heathcote Road - Demolition approved
  • 4 Dell Road - Demolition approved
  • 18 Lockwood Road - Demolition approved
  • 75 Hampton Road - Demolition approved
September 20, 2011 - Meeting Cancelled
August 16, 2011
  • 14 Wildwood Road - Demolition approved
July 19, 2011
  • 9 Seneca Road - Demolition approved
  • 140 Saxon Woods Road - Demolition approved
  • 146 Griffen Avenue - Demolition approved (employee housing)
  • 146 Griffen Avenue - Demolition approved (superintendent housing)
  • 146 Griffen Avenue - Demolition approved (tennis facility)
June 21, 2011
  • 14 Fairview Road - Demolition approved
  • 4 Windmill Circle - No show
  • 140 Saxon Woods Road - Held over
May 17, 2011
  • 15 Ogden Road - Demolition approved
  • 8 Wheelock Road - Demolition approved
  • 7 Oneida Road - Demolition approved
  • 14 Continental Road - Demolition approved
April 26, 2011
  • 21 Morris Lane - Demolition approved
  • 60 Sheldrake Road - Demolition approved
  • 49 Wildwood Road - Demolition approved
  • 39 Oxford Road - Demolition approved
  • 11 Pinecrest Road - Demolition approved
March 15, 2011 - Meeting cancelled

February 15, 2011
  • 24 Richbell Road - Demolition approved
  • 34 Sheldrake Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Duck Pond Road - Denied (Board members voted 2 for, 2 against and 1 abstained)
January 18, 2011
  • 63 Griffen Avenue - Demolition approved
  • 10 Normandy Lane - Demolition approved
  • 24 Myrtledale Road - Demolition approved
  • 33 Meadow Road - Demolition approved
  • 19 Continental Road - Demolition approved
  • 1 Duck Pond Road - Adjourned

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Freidfertig Monuments on Brown Road

Here we are on Brown Road, monuments to quality craftmanship.

Courtesy of JAF, RGF, SCF and/or Gordon Freidfertig Development Companies.

94 Brown Road

92 Brown Road
What about us ?...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Emily Hirsch 99 (and a half ) years young, this afternoon !

I stopped by to say "Hello" to this wonderful Scarsdale icon one more time. 

What a lady ! Looked impeccable as usual. She said she will be around. I said till "120"... 

We hope, in good health !

Other homes on Nelson Road

I was on Nelson Road earlier today trying to photograph a couple of the houses to show you how 175 Nelson stands out. A lady was walking her dog with her daughter. In a very polite manner she asked if she could help me. I said they wanted to demolish 175 Nelson because it is an old house and they cannot find buyers if it is just restored with no modern amenities, no central a/c., etc., and that it cost too much to restore these houses.

I added there was a hearing on it, just this past week. She said she was not aware of the hearing.

She said "It is not true, that these homes do not sell, we never had problems of sales in this neighborhood, close to school, close to the Village". She added wistfully "It is all about money"...

I informed her of the new hearing date in March and advised her to check my website and inform the neighbors.

Very bland homes in comparison to 175 Nelson Road

Friday, January 20, 2017

175 Nelson Road-Built 1909

Here is the beauty begging for a little TLC:

Look at the roofs, the gutter design, the shutters, the porch, the columns, the wood porch railing, even the screen to shield the basement.  

Here the bay windows, the stone foundation. The windows look new.

More stone foundation

The garage reported to have been the first firehouse in Scarsdale

The wood overhang to shield the door from water damage. So much love, care, attention went to this house...

Who makes doors like this any more ? 

Still standing since 1909 ! Believe it or not.

Look at the detail, the love that went into this.

This was held over at the CHP meeting on January 17th. It deserves and begs for preservation forever.

I am sure the developer Mr. SF. who lives on Heathcote Road himself will surely do just that. 

Enough destruction. Preservation and conservation is now the order of the day.

No CHP meetings in February. The next meeting of the CHP is on March 21.

Adding this on Saturday morning January 28th:

We honored Emily Hirsch Tuesday night, born 1917. How about honoring this home born 1909 ?

Why discriminate ?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

18 Heathcote Road- Being Built

This is not a Bronx condominium complex with 16 apartments going up in Manhattan. It is a single-family home on Heathcote Road currently in construction  in Scarsdale. 

Welcome to the  "Bonfire of the Vanities" version II.

Respect, restraint, reserve are these words in the vocabulary of the applicant ?

Their vernacular must exclude such foreign words. 

But who knows maybe I am wrong. The home owner may well set aside 4 acres of the 5.39 acre lot for a wildlife preserve right on the property ? Wouldn't that be nice DF ? Surely, that is the plan for such a green developer.

Do we have building laws, does our town have a Planning Board, is our town governed by a resident Board guarding our interests ? I wonder... What do you think Mayor Jon Mark ? Are you the Mayor to finally kill this beast of reckless development ?

You can see I covered this address earlier in 2013 when there was a house, pool etc.
You can look here:Click here, please.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CHP meeting January 17, 2017

The CHP meeting just adjourned.

One house was held over: 175 Nelson Road. The garage is thought to be the first firehouse in Scarsdale. I did not see the house yet, but overheard conversation that inside, it has exquisite detail.

53 Old Orchard Lane was left last to discuss since the Chairman William Silverman thought it would take a while to discuss it. It did not take long. They agreed, we all agreed it was clearly the work of a master architect Jules Gregory and that the house was in remarkable good condition after almost 90 years- built in 1927-. I commented that it reminded me of the houses I saw in the Cotswolds in the UK and that it was just as exquisite, beautiful. The applicant seemed disappointed. I do not know how or why anyone would want to demolish such a beauty. Maybe they will contact me and enlighten me.

Village Hall was quite crowded tonight. I thought what if they all stood up and wanted to talk. And yet, no, they just come, sit, look at their phones, and leave. Why do they bother attending these meetings if they will not comment, if they have nothing to say. I do not understand.

I liked the way the Chairman ran the meeting. However, he was in a race with time himself. I felt watching runners in the NY marathon all over again. Proves my point about this archaic volunteers serving on boards ideal. It does not work. They are tired, we are tired. Nerves are frayed. But each home, each application deserves the full treatment, not the shortened one because committee members want to go home. If that is the case, they should not be serving at all.

I do not understand why Chairman after Chairman claim they have no influence, they can only act according to the criteria given, etc. Of course they can influence. They are choosing not to. They can advise the VB that the criteria is not stringent enough that too many homes are being demolished foolishly, etc. Just look at my previous entry at the houses around 53 Orchard Lane. Who gave the permits to demolish the houses before those homes ? Who permitted such huge monsters be built ? Are our laws serving us the way we want them ? Do we want houses one on top of another like that, like on Orchard Lane ?

At one point driving on Orchard Lane even with my little Audi, I was on the curb. Imagine a moving truck there. Flag lots, tiny lots, circular driveway, porte corchere all squeezed to Orchard Lane. Too bad apples are long gone.

Trustee Marc Samwick is listed as the liaison for the CHP. I did not see him attend the meeting. So much for accountability with our wonderful non-partisan system.

No accountability, no transparency and you thought Putin was only in Russia. Bureaucracy the likes of which have not existed since the Politburo of the Cold War. Only in Scarsdale. Thank you non-partisan system. Time to revamp it, change it. No, nothing has been done in decades.