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Sunday, January 15, 2017

12 Dolma Road, 18 Heathcote Road and the Village Bored

No, the spelling above of the Village Board is not a mistake, my sentiments.

This is clearly a case of how the Village Board is failing, bursting at the seams, what have you...

After years and years of discussion, after countless studies they failed to address preservation, numerous homes that should not have been demolished are now gone and now they cannot let this home go as well... Shame !!!

They are trust with governance of the Village and they are doing nothing except getting themselves into lawsuits. There is an Article 78 proceeding over the Ryan reval, there is this Dolma Road issue and now the monster 18 Heathcote... They cannot govern, they are not accepting it nor are they paving the way for a better form of government. Time for a mutiny !

12 Dolma Road

1 Carstensen - Another  Walter J. Collet designed home...

18 Heathcote Road new monster coming up...

First snowdrop  ( Galantus Nivalis ), of the year, January 14, 2016

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