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Friday, January 20, 2017

175 Nelson Road-Built 1909

Here is the beauty begging for a little TLC:

Look at the roofs, the gutter design, the shutters, the porch, the columns, the wood porch railing, even the screen to shield the basement.  

Here the bay windows, the stone foundation. The windows look new.

More stone foundation

The garage reported to have been the first firehouse in Scarsdale

The wood overhang to shield the door from water damage. So much love, care, attention went to this house...

Who makes doors like this any more ? 

Still standing since 1909 ! Believe it or not.

Look at the detail, the love that went into this.

This was held over at the CHP meeting on January 17th. It deserves and begs for preservation forever.

I am sure the developer Mr. SF. who lives on Heathcote Road himself will surely do just that. 

Enough destruction. Preservation and conservation is now the order of the day.

No CHP meetings in February. The next meeting of the CHP is on March 21.

Adding this on Saturday morning January 28th:

We honored Emily Hirsch Tuesday night, born 1917. How about honoring this home born 1909 ?

Why discriminate ?

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