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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

18 Heathcote Road- Being Built

This is not a Bronx condominium complex with 16 apartments going up in Manhattan. It is a single-family home on Heathcote Road currently in construction  in Scarsdale. 

Welcome to the  "Bonfire of the Vanities" version II.

Respect, restraint, reserve are these words in the vocabulary of the applicant ?

Their vernacular must exclude such foreign words. 

But who knows maybe I am wrong. The home owner may well set aside 4 acres of the 5.39 acre lot for a wildlife preserve right on the property ? Wouldn't that be nice DF ? Surely, that is the plan for such a green developer.

Do we have building laws, does our town have a Planning Board, is our town governed by a resident Board guarding our interests ? I wonder... What do you think Mayor Jon Mark ? Are you the Mayor to finally kill this beast of reckless development ?

You can see I covered this address earlier in 2013 when there was a house, pool etc.
You can look here:Click here, please.

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