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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CHP meeting January 17, 2017

The CHP meeting just adjourned.

One house was held over: 175 Nelson Road. The garage is thought to be the first firehouse in Scarsdale. I did not see the house yet, but overheard conversation that inside, it has exquisite detail.

53 Old Orchard Lane was left last to discuss since the Chairman William Silverman thought it would take a while to discuss it. It did not take long. They agreed, we all agreed it was clearly the work of a master architect Jules Gregory and that the house was in remarkable good condition after almost 90 years- built in 1927-. I commented that it reminded me of the houses I saw in the Cotswolds in the UK and that it was just as exquisite, beautiful. The applicant seemed disappointed. I do not know how or why anyone would want to demolish such a beauty. Maybe they will contact me and enlighten me.

Village Hall was quite crowded tonight. I thought what if they all stood up and wanted to talk. And yet, no, they just come, sit, look at their phones, and leave. Why do they bother attending these meetings if they will not comment, if they have nothing to say. I do not understand.

I liked the way the Chairman ran the meeting. However, he was in a race with time himself. I felt watching runners in the NY marathon all over again. Proves my point about this archaic volunteers serving on boards ideal. It does not work. They are tired, we are tired. Nerves are frayed. But each home, each application deserves the full treatment, not the shortened one because committee members want to go home. If that is the case, they should not be serving at all.

I do not understand why Chairman after Chairman claim they have no influence, they can only act according to the criteria given, etc. Of course they can influence. They are choosing not to. They can advise the VB that the criteria is not stringent enough that too many homes are being demolished foolishly, etc. Just look at my previous entry at the houses around 53 Orchard Lane. Who gave the permits to demolish the houses before those homes ? Who permitted such huge monsters be built ? Are our laws serving us the way we want them ? Do we want houses one on top of another like that, like on Orchard Lane ?

At one point driving on Orchard Lane even with my little Audi, I was on the curb. Imagine a moving truck there. Flag lots, tiny lots, circular driveway, porte corchere all squeezed to Orchard Lane. Too bad apples are long gone.

Trustee Marc Samwick is listed as the liaison for the CHP. I did not see him attend the meeting. So much for accountability with our wonderful non-partisan system.

No accountability, no transparency and you thought Putin was only in Russia. Bureaucracy the likes of which have not existed since the Politburo of the Cold War. Only in Scarsdale. Thank you non-partisan system. Time to revamp it, change it. No, nothing has been done in decades.


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