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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CHP meeting tonight, Tuesday January 17th at 8 p.m. Village Hall

The Committee for Historic Preservation is meeting tonight.

Come watch drama unfold. As my late neighbor Norma Roberts used to say " Why pay $ 300.00 and go to Broadway "?...

Real actors, villains, traitors, prisoners, greed, lies, cheats,  right in your backyard at Village Hall.

This is from Scarsdale10583:

The Committee for Historic Preservation will also meet on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. in Village Hall to consider applications to demolish the following six homes:

   133 Johnson Road built in 1920
119 Carthage Road built in 1954
23 Innes Road built in 1940
53 Old Orchard Lane built in 1927
175 Nelson Road built in 1909
19 Tisdale Road built in 1951

Thank you once again to Joanne Wallenstein editor of Scarsdale10583.com for her invaluable service to this community.

None of these homes deserve to be demolished. Every one of them deserves to be preserved. They are part of our history.

No, architects, lawyers and their cronies have infiltrated Scarsdale and are taking advantage of the loop holes in our system. The Village Board is paralyzed in no action dysfunctional so called " volunteerism ".  Nothing gets done. They just shuffle paper and look bewildered.

The applicant, the home owner or the developer appears before the CHP to rob us all. The architect is desperate for new work, can't think beyond the box for other creative ways to work, is jumping on the Scarsdale band wagon. Work right at home, demolish the existing beauty, design a monstrosity. The bigger, the better, the heftier the bill... When costs run sky high, skimp and build a card box. Once gone, the beauty is gone. Forever.

The lawyer promises he can get past the CHP, the developer hires the "right" experts and presto Scarsdale has another monstrosity. Forever.

Of course, there are exceptions. 8 Heathcote is one. Do you know of another ? I do not.

Look around you for ugliness. For big homes in small lots, for  bewildered rabbits looking for shelter running for cover helpless and hapless as another bulldozer rambles...It will be spring in Scarsdale.

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