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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Composting and Composing in Scarsdale

This was sent to the Scarsdale Inquirer as well as to the Scarsdale10583.com site.

I was very happy to read that finally a composting program was being started in Scarsdale. However, a closer reading ( as in reading in between the lines ) made me wonder about the ethics of this -take from the resident again- program...

I was assuming that the compost we were gathering and bringing to the recycling center would be composted on site and then would be available to us again as is done in most other communities. No, Scarsdale deceived me again. We gather, they give it away. They are selling our compost to a company that will come and pick it up once a week...I submitted a request to the Manager's Office that this should be remedied as soon as possible.

We gather the food  scraps, take it to the recycling center, they sell it off. We make money off of you again... Just like Committee of Historic Preservation does not preserve, Planning does not plan for more green space, but plans only for more development, Village Board spends the money we do not have on a library that is perfectly fine but one that you cannot drive to for the potholes on the road...

Who said living in Scarsdale had to make sense ? 

Just drive on Heathcote Road to see another behemoth reaching for the sky and you thought we were done with Mega Mansions...Try talking to the Village Board...

Lika L. Levi
Lockwood Road

I also put in a request at the Scarsdale.com site

Thank you for your request!

** Village of Scarsdale Service Request Update **
Here is what we have on file:


It is great that you have started the new composting program. However this should be available to residents. Instead I learned it is being sold to a private company. This should be remedied as soon as possible and compost should be available to the residents who are generating it, who are carting it to the facility. We should be compensated for this effort. 

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