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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cushman Road, Empty Lots

Here we are, this is the scene on Cushman Road this Thursday afternoon January 26th, 3:15 p.m.

Remember I had an entry on it way back in 2103 when I was so upset it was going to be "developed"...Look right here on this blog, under May 2103.

This was my comment on the Scarsdale10583.com site in May 2013:

Yeah, finish development forever and ever in Scarsdale and in the whole world. We have done enough damage already.

Enough development in Scarsdale. Let them all go to Greenwich, CT. That is where they live, right ? Or, Scottsdale Arizona or Texas...

Would a healthy person write his/ her own death sentence ? This is just the same thing. If you need explanation please call me at 722-0004. We'll be up to our necks in water, and the Planning Board, our resident volunteers, will still be reviewing applications for " development " in wetlands and telling me to take it up with the Trustees. God help us !

Volunteer at a nature preserve, take a hike in a park, and then go to Manhattan. Let me know what makes you feel better. Look at the eyes of that bunny in your yard and tell him, his home will be axed and tell him you are not lifting a finger. Let asphalt and concrete cure you.

Study nature, Physics a little... Marvel at all of this, the divine, the sublime. If you need help, let me know.

Socrates said this:

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.

Be well, happy Memorial Day weekend to all.

Now, all trees are gone. House is gone. The street that was there is gone. Even the developer has a new name: KOSL Building. To remind him of me ?...

This is from their website: Click here, please.

  • Prices of new single-family homes in Scarsdale range between 3-15 million dollars based on public surveys, and taxes published by the local municipally.
  • The areas have proven to be recession proof over the last 30 years. Prices went up 30% during the prosperous years, and went down only 5% during the recession years.
  • The areas’ school systems are consistantly ranked among the top 10 in the country.
  • The towns are located about 25 miles from midtown Manhattan with express public transporation and three highways.

English anybody ?  Spell check ? Typos ?... Let me help you a little: Municipality, consistently, transportation...

I heard Mr. Ben Simon has complimented me and called me "crazy woman". Yeah, I am "crazy" for the beauty of nature, for this wonderful country.

Did I say, cash cow ? How about cash gargantuans, like you have never seen before ? This is a totally  new breed.

All there is on Cushman Road, is this at the Scarsdale border with White Plains:

What is going on here I wonder under so many stones clearly the developer KOSL does not want anyone to go there...Hiding something ? 

Deer used to roam here, I was told by a neighbor in 2013.

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