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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Double standard and more on Scarsdale10583.com

  Mayra Kirkendall-Rodriguez is right. Read her comments here Click here, please. about double standards at Scarsdale10583.

  The editor Ms. JW sometimes requires the commentator to post with his or her real name, but at other times lets the commentator go ( posts the comment ) with a pseudonym "Green acres resident", "Save Scarsdale", etc.

  My comment coming from "Save Scarsdale" was published as such, because she knew who was posting. But, here is the problem, when people go incognito, you have no way of  knowing  who is writing, if it is the same person writing posing as different personalities or if even it is the editor posing as different personalties herself each time, trying to influence public sentiment and stir traffic to her website. The more hits, the more ads, the more revenue...She needs hits for her statistics.

  When emailed about this, Joanne wrote the following:

I would prefer for everyone to use their first and last names.
However, when I strictly enforce that rule, we end up with almost no comments.
So for now, I am asking people who I recognize to use their names – I cannot see who is posting and do not see an email address.
If the comment they post, such as the recycle comment, are not nasty and do not deride someone, I have been including them.
That’s the best I can do.

  So, the name rule is a flexible one...

  Similarly, the thumbs up or down for a comment is and could be manipulated very easily. I suspect it is. For those who want to know how they can contact me. I will be happy to explain. For now do not pay any attention to the comments or the number of thumbs up or down. The news seems to be objective. Other than that: " Caveat Emptor".

  It does not take a rocket scientist... But may be it does...

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