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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Email exchange with the Mayor in November 2016. 

Quick to thank me and acknowledge the email, but where are answers ?...

Dear Ms.Levi -- Thank you for your email.

Very truly yours, Jon Mark
From: Lika L. Levi <likallevi@aol.com>
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2016 10:09 AM
To: Mayor
Subject: Open meetings

Dear Mayor and Board of Trustees,

It was a pleasure to attend the “ open meeting “ on November 9,  a couple of weeks ago regarding the application of the home on 41 Olmsted Road. I was glad the current owners were not proposing a complete demolition. However the 50% demolition was very loose and closer scrutiny must be employed. One walk around this home and one can see newer homes being built that are not at all in sync with these old homes, unfortunately.

The meeting was announced as an “ open meeting”. However, I was not sure if comments were allowed, the meeting was not opened to comments. The architects’ presentation was solely directed to the Board again not taking into consideration any comments from the audience. That was disappointing.

In the future, if a meeting is advertised as “ open”, it should be open to comments.

At the end of the meeting, I was able to talk to the architect as well as the owners. The architect Rosamund Young said in Greenburgh there are overhead projectors so that the presentations can be made on those and the audience can see and participate in the evaluation process. I hope our Village Hall can soon accommodate this. I had discussed this with Liz Marrinan and she too hoped this would happen soon.

It was very nice to see all of you again after a while.

With best wishes,

Lika L. Levi

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