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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Florence, Italy

  Recently I finally visited Florence for the first time and like all others before me marveled at the beauty, elegance and captivating nature of this town more than 2000 years old.

  Many structures, churches, palaces, statues date back at least 500 years and are still

standing tall and erect like their first day on the piazza. A few pictures above were taken in Florence and the surrounding area.

What if they had destroyed all 100 years later ? They now have 13 million visitors a year who come from all corners of the world to experience and live in this beauty.

Our homes date back to the early 1920's, they are beautiful and with a little care and thought can be modernized. We have to preserve the little history we have.

Some new homes being built now, are fine but most have no sense of proportion, beauty, elegance a sense of fitting in to the surroundings. This despite reviews of the BAR and many architects looking at the plans...It is time we loved and cared for Scarsdale.

Big and new is not the answer. Elegance, beauty, restraint and respect is.

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