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Friday, January 13, 2017


Dear Reader,

A note on free speech, if you thought it existed...Beware !

Scarsdale10583.com does not publish your comment if it is derogatory of the Village Board and the Non-Partisan system. She has to be nice, she gets advertisement revenue.

My comment last night about the Board not being effective or capable in response to Jim Newhouse's comment about the Historical Society and how the Board could not save it, is so far not published. Awaiting review by the Editor...Unless Joanne will now or later change her mind and publish it.

Jim Newhouse had commented  "Scarsdale is looking like Greenwich"  and I responded it is looking like " Hell"- not that I have been there, but I certainly have an imagination and what the new buildings are doing to our community is akin to Dante's Inferno.

You can read about part of the exchange here:Click here, please.

I do not have any ads. I am not fleecing Scarsdale- again and again. ( They are trying to make money off of our garbage dressing up as helping the environment. Make the compost available to all, why not ? Allocate a little space in the Sanitation facility ? No, sell and make money off of us. Pennies or dollars- make money off of Scarsdale is the theme- wherever and whenever. Enough ! )

 I am not generating money from this. I hope I am helping my community and we can stop this and have better government here.

 I am doing this, because I love Scarsdale. I love what this town really is. I love this country that has given me so much for almost 40 years now.Yes, I am an immigrant. I chose to come here.

They are ruining Scarsdale, their town. We are all in a sinking Titanic.

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