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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Morning After

Yeah, a good night's sleep changes things.

They had asked me if I wanted to run for Trustee a long time ago. I declined.

Do I look like I want to commit suicide right there in front of everyone, in front of live cameras being streamed into all homes in Scarsdale ? I get tired if not exhausted on the odd evening I watch them on tv. I can't watch beyond 10 minutes. It is all beyond me.

Who wants this impossible job ? They have so much to do it is daunting.

They looked like they were burning at the stake when they came to sit down in their seats. They were uncomfortable, troubled. They wanted to end the meeting as soon as possible and go home. One more meeting to endure, before it is all over. This is not working. Have the courage, the leadership to change.

Our Mayor at the meeting said he drives a ten year old Volvo. He does not drive a 40 year old Volvo, right ? Nobody in his or her right mind does. It simply does not go any more. You trade it in or donate it. This is like trying to drive a 40 year old Volvo. It does not go anywhere and belongs in the dump site.

Look here what the Trustees have to do: Click here, please.

They have to do all this. Do they do it ? No. Does anyone check on them ? No. Does anything get done ? No. Do they legislate ? No.

Do they bring on Article 78 proceedings on the Village ? Yes. How many ?  Mr. Esannason has sill not told me.

Soldatenko was there. He told me he has still two outstanding. Still after years... How much tax-payer's money going into this ? Instead of our roads. Some responsible spending.

Last night, about half way through the meeting Mayor Mark jokingly commented "OK, now we can go home". Yeah, I wanted to go home too. I never wanted to get out of the house in the dark at 7:45 p.m. to go to another Village Hall meeting. I made myself, because that is the only way here.

It should not be, this is wrong. Too much burden on the resident. Who has the time, the energy ? Look how many resident were in attendance. Maybe this worked in 1909. It does not work any more.

Throw the NP system out the window. It has not worked in ages. There is a reason nobody else has our system. Legislate a system like any other town in the USA. Take the burden off of our shoulders. You like the non-partisan candidates fine. But have professionals work. Residents cannot. Not in 2017. The world is a different place. Evolve or dissolve !

I am sure Mayor Jon Mark wanted to go home. I don't blame him. He was exhausted. They had another meeting before this one at 6:30 p.m. which we were not allowed to attend. ( Some "open meetings" in Scarsdale... Whenever they have something sensitive to discuss they close the doors.. ) So, what good is attending these meetings ? You get to hear the doctored version. Government by the people, for the people, anyone ?...

When the odd resident comes and questions them at Village Hall, they delay. They do not answer. There is no conversation. No dialogue. How can we communicate if they will not talk to us ? How are we going to get out of this ? One hundred Article 78's ?..

Pretty soon Mayor Mark will step down and we will have to deal with the next lame duck. Unless, Mayor Mark you finally deliver. You change all this. Senior Counsel at Cahill Gordon. I am sure you can do it. Everyone had very high hopes for you. Time to deliver.

Seth Ross was in the audience. Looking perplexed, worried, disturbed. Do you really want to get up there and volunteer for this impossible task ? Is this worth it ? Do you want to have to listen to me, possibly, again and again ?...

Trustee Callaghan you looked happy. You looked like you were enjoying yourself. I did not agree with you and I still don't when you approved so many applications on the ZBA and no one would listen for my appeal to no more development. I had even received a stern letter from Mr. Esannnason, at the time. But now, I think even he agrees with me. This is not right. This is enough.

You need complete overhaul. Moratorium, revision, change. Use all the guns. Invent guns. You need them.

Laws are written to be rewritten. Do it. Now. Before Scarsdale goes to the dogs.

If you do not believe me just try to walk on 60-62 Old Orchard Lane. Feel crushed between the McMansions. Or walk on Brown Road and wonder if those houses are not made of them card-board gifts to us, curtesy of a certain Scarsdale developer.

Or on Circle Road, curtesy of another Scarsdale developer. Two empty lots for the past three years. I hear he will donate the land for a park there, for all of us...

N.B. This is internet publishing. I reserve the right to alter this or any other post at any time I so choose. Nothing is set in stone. Only my determination for a better Scarsdale in America.

This is not Scarsdale in Turkey. Thank goodness for that !

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