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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Village Board Meeting, January 24th, 2017 8:00 p.m.

Finally home after the meeting at 10:00 p.m.

Emily Hirsch honored. Mayor Mark talked for about 20 minutes about her.

Former Mayor Flisser donated a bench that will be put in the right of way in front of her store "Candy 'n Cards" etc., etc. Who needed a reminder of the Flisser years, or the Steves or the Stevens years ?... But we had such high hopes for her term. One more disappointment to be added to all others. She was going to change all...Nothing happened. More time for the developers to continue their scavenger hunt.

Then there was talk  about Communications and  Village website promotion. The website has been up for months and now finally they talk about it...Who needs a lesson on how to navigate it ? Do you wish we are all from the Stone Age ? All you have to do is type in "Welcome" in the search field. Well, that is certainly very intuitive. Thank you Trustee Veron. Ever so politically correct. Isn't she cute ?

Then there was the public comment session.

Many people got up and talked about the Ryan reval. Mayra Kirkendall-Rodriguez spoke.
Her husband Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez spoke.

I got up, spoke. Read my e-mail to Mayor Mark about how he has a Lamborghini at his disposal and he is not getting off his tricycle. I changed it from the bike on the e-mail. He corrected me and said he drives a 10 year old Volvo. That was all the answer I got. To all my e-mails. It is not acceptable.

We need to have a conversation. We need to have proper government.

Impeachment anyone ? What recourse do we have ? How are we going to remedy this ?

Good news: 12 Dolma will be preserved.

Trustees Callaghan, Finger and Veron recused themselves citing personal or professional conflicts of interests Joanne Wallenstein is reporting on Scarsdale10583.com. I heard their names too, but things were going so fast I could hardly pay attention, let alone take good notes.

Do we have to fight like this each time there is a valued home ? The statement for Dolma took another 15 minutes, it seemed. Why did he have to read it ? We could have gotten it in writing, it could have been put in the record and that would have allowed for 15 minutes of conversation about so many items that needed to be addressed. No, waste our time. Waste their time.

Adding this on January 31st: I feel I have to add there was so much resentment, so much anger when Mayor Mark started reading off of his notes on Dolma... People just started leaving in droves, in utter disbelief at who was representing them and what was going on.

They could not believe it. How could he be so callous, so utterly out of sync with his constituents ? Fellow residents, like him ? Like the Grand Canyon between us... How sad, how terrible, how shameful Mayor Mark.

They walked out. I walked out. We talked.They were civil, nice. They said why can't they enact laws ? If they cannot govern, why don't they resign, all of them effective immediately ? Like Albanese ? Many who had spoken earlier had asked for her resignation or early retirement.

Nannette stood right at the door with Paul Sved right next to her. One step in one step out it seemed. Not sure, where she belongs. Clearly distressed.

As they say "Get out of the kitchen, if you can't stand the heat"...

The job of a Trustee, Mayor is too much. They are crushed, we are crushed. We need complete overhaul of our system. The NP system has been sick for too long now.

Read the Scarsdale10583.com for better coverage. Joanne does a much better job covering all the details. Thank you Joanne ! Good night !

Pray for better government in Scarsdale !

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