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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A certain Not-for-Profit in Scarsdale

  This past week as usual, we received solicitations from a couple of not-for-profit organizations we have supported in the past, and one Scarsdale not-for-profit we had not heard from in a while or so we thought... Who can keep up with all these solicitations that creep in to your mail box every day ?

The top envelope is from the Scarsdale foundation called Scarsdale Foundation seeking scholarship funds for students in need.
The author introduces herself as a trustee for the organization. I would think a trustee would be careful in using the funds they have, let alone they do not have and are seeking. But look closely at the stamp (she ? )  they used. Here is a magnified version.

They used a FOREVER stamp as opposed to the Nonprofitorg stamp used by the other two organizations.

Time for the Scarsdale Foundation to go back to school themselves and learn a little Home-Ec. or maybe brush up on old skills hopefully acquired.

If they cannot even be careful in using the appropriate postage, do you think I will believe anything else they say ?...

You know which of the above organizations we are supporting.

A little further research revealed there is already another organization by a very similar name: Scarsdale Schools Education Foundation...

Why so many organizations, why such similar names ? What is going on ?...

Maybe I am totally missing something, in which case I hope I will be duly informed !

Till then, happy Sunday !

Be careful with your hard earned money.

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